Sunday, August 23, 2009

Part of being an Army Family.........

Coping with deployment is nothing like the other separations. It's a whole different ballgame.

I'm on an emotional high right now and the smallest things can make me tear up. The night he left, I was really quiet.

I was sick, and I'm sure he thought that was why I didn't talk much, but I figured that if I stayed quiet then I wouldn't cry. I knew I had to be strong for the kids' sake.

He'd already mentioned that maybe we shouldn't go to the departure ceremony and started giving reasons as to why we didn't need to be there. It was hot in the gym. The whole ceremony was only gonna last a few minutes.

I immediately cut him off.

There was NO WAY I was gonna miss seeing him off.

NOTHING was going to keep me from being there.

The Soldiers kissed these bears and gave them to their children. The bears are wearing handkerchiefs with the brigade patch.

He didn't want a bear (because he's too old) until I told him what it meant.

Last Hugs


Jay and Sherrie said...

We are here if you need anything. Jay says he will totally mow your lawn.

Your family is in our prayers.

Kristin said...

I'll be keeping you all in my prayers :)

Jessica said...

Did this just now happen or has he been gone for a while already? I hope you have a strong group of supporters with you.. I know you do in blog land at least!
These pictures are priceless ~ you have a beautiful fam!

Execumama said...

My prayers and positive thoughts to you and your family. One of my uncles, who is more like a father to me, is also in the armed forces, and it tore me up every time he was deployed. But each time he comes home healthy and happy, we get to give thanks all over again, and I know you will too. The pictures are very touching, and safe journey to your hubby!!

silverhartgirl said...

I am almost crying just reading this. The bears are very thoughtful.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'm glad that you went as well. It would've been much harder had you not gone, I think. The bears were wonderful ways for the bond to still exist, no matter how far apart they will be.

Miss Missy looks just like her daddy!!

Hang in there! I hope you're feeling better.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Wow,I can't imagine. Take plenty of pictures to help dad with the time being away from the kids.

La Pixie said...

I really felt like crying when I read this post. I cant imagine how difficult this is for you.

thanks to you and your family for what you do for our country.

African American Mom said...

Oh, wow....I am at a lost for words but know I am thinking of you and your children.