Wednesday, August 5, 2009

FRG and PTO? Am I crazy?

Am I the only one who has kids that start back to school on Monday?

I haven't bought the kids so much as a SHIRT for school yet and I'm not sure when I will find the time. Not only do I have to help out at OPEN HOUSE, my husband's company FRG (Family Readiness Group) has a family day planned. I've also agreed to take a position on the FRG. I want to stay as busy as possible this year to kind of help ease the time as much as possible.

Tuesday was back to "work" for me, as PTO had to be present for the Teacher Breakfast that we host annually.

I was up...... uhh, well I had my alarm clock set for 7am. Do you know the last time I saw the 7am sunlight????

I pushed snooze a few times before getting up. Why would I do that knowing that the kids had to get ready, too? I don't know. Because I'm lazy like that. See, where Karen, out PTO Prez, messed up was telling me the right time that the dang on thing was suppose to start.

RULE #1: Give me an extra 30 minutes! Never give then the right time to arrive. I WON'T MAKE IT! I get that from my mom!

So, the tee shirts came in and they are ADORABLE!!!!

I was so worried about coming up with a school shirt that everyone would like and that would SELL! I think I did it! The teachers were PLEASED with my selection. Everyone was, maybe except for Karen, who was upset that I didn't run it all by her before presenting it to the principal. But, you know me! The HELL with her! She'd been out of town, I did the work, it turned out great. Didn't need her. I think Karen can be a bit a of control freak, and after a year of people whispering in my ear about that, I'm finally picking up on it.

It's funny, because, I'd heard about all the controversy that could be involved in PTO. But I was suckered into the position by my FAVE teacher and went in all jolly and cheerful. Just wanted to help, do my job and make a few people happy. For me, it was never about politics. I would have been fine without the VP title and done the same amount of volunteering. Most people choose not to join because you have these few cliquish folk who are "in power" and think they are OBAMA! Well, with us it really isn't like that. We all seem to get along great with PTO and with the staff and I enjoyed my first year.

This year, I'm hoping will come out the same. If I can get Karen to calm down, reliquish some of her power, allow others to take control of projects, things will be fine. If not, I may just be a PTO member next year (smile).

I'm not sure what I'm thinking taking on all these volunteer positions, but I have a feeling that there are many more out there that will be calling my name this year. Perhaps I need to trade them all in on a JOB! But I think this helps me WORK on that because I guarantee it will look good on a resume'!


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

So the shirt turned out??

Don't put so much on your plate that you don't have some me time. You really do need that since hubby will be gone.

Jenni Jiggety said...

Back to school already??? Egads! I am so not ready...