Monday, August 24, 2009

He called... and I can breathe again.

The last few days have been something. The hardest part is the wait. Waiting for that first call from your soldier, knowing that they are okay but just wanting to hear his voice to verify that 'knowing'.

I spent the weekend inside. Not really expecting to hear from him right away, but still hoping.

I got a lot of calls from friends and family who really just wanted to find out if I was "okay". I know that they all meant well, but I wasn't ready to take any calls. I didn't want to hear the pity in their voices that they felt for poor Kay. I didn't want to hear "So how are you doing?" as if it is expected that because my husband has deployed I am going to fall apart at my seams.

As much as I do appreciate the fact that my people do care about me, it was hard for me to hear their voices showing sympathy for me and my family right now. When I did talk, I immediately took the conversation off of me, as I don't like being in the spot light. The kids are fine, the dog is barking the sky is blue. Anything other than talking about how I am feeling. I know how I'm feeling... it's none of your business... well just don't ask because I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to cry.

Am I okay?

My husband just left for Iraq. I'm lonely. I'm sad. But I'm going to be fine. I just wanted to take the time to myself... until I heard from him.


I was so relieved to finally hear from him. I know it hasn't been but a few days, but it felt like so much longer. It's like the world stopped spinning as I waited. And when he called, I felt like I could continue living.

AND it seems to be back to business as usual. The boys have their evaluations for the coming football season, PTO still has a hold on me, and OMG, HOW DID I BECOME AN FRG LEADER????

Hubs called and told me that apparently there was an immediate need for an FRG leader and the commander asked if I'd be interested. Did they realize that I have NO IDEA what an FRG leader does?? I haven't completely agreed, because I'm scared to say yes. For those of you that don't know what FRG is, it's the Family Readiness Group, usually dealing with deployed soldiers and their families. It's the barrier, to contact, the go-to point for spouses who are left behind. It's the group that plans all the functions, the people they call for answers, the shoulders to cry on.

It's the PTO of the Army!

I wanted something that was going to keep me busy and I guess it found me. We'll see how it goes. At this rate, I'm sure to get a volunteer of the year award from some doggone body!


As for the school business, I have been so out of the loop with me being sick and preparing for this deployment. I've been missing out on the GOOD gossip!

Apparently my son's teacher is a lesbian and apparently she let transvestites in her class on open house.

I'm cracking up laughing here because I know her quite well and can almost guarantee that she is no lesbo. I mean, shucks! She's never once hit on me, so there is no WAY she's a lezbo! I mean, I'm pretty damn HOT! HAHAHAHAHHA!! Yes, I am just all that!! She's never once even brushed up against my boob.

(You know, if I did find out that she was in fact a lezbo, I'd be pretty offended........... I mean, I am hot...... right?)

So, anywho, what trips me out is that if in fact a parade of transvestites did come to open house, would a teacher really stop them from coming into their child's classroom? Some people are so dumb!

My response to the whole thing? "Now, Mrs B., why did you have those transvestites at Open House? You should have waited to invited them for Career Day!"


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Seriously...why would she have transvestites at open house??? I cracked up when you said that the teacher has never hit off on you. Trust me, if she swung that way, she would've.

Do both boys play football? Don't overdo it with booking yourself. You've got to have some me time, ya know?

Jessica said...

You, my dear, crack me up. In fact, I was out with some friends last week after work at a certain establishment. After being at said establishment I was told that's where all the lesbo's hang out. My first reaction as well was, "that can't be true at all. They didn't hit on me once." I feel pretty damn certain I would have gotten at least a little boob brush. They really must not have been out in full force that night.
But seriously, you deserve to take all the "me" time you can get. People will just have to understand. Sounds like you'll be busy enough to make this year fly by though!

JennyMac said...

tranvestites..and its not even 10 am! LOL.

La Pixie said...

the PTO of the Army. thats awesome!! ooh, and it sounds like fun.

I want to have a kid just so I can be on the PTO.

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

Chocolate Covered - Girl my friends keep telling me the same thing about ME TIME! I know I need it, but I seem not to understand the concept. It always seems to include the kids! I'm going to try to do better. Yes, both the boys are playing on different teams, for different age groups! I'm gonna go crazy!

Jessica - I just feel that I'm hot enough for any woman!

JennyMac - It's never too early! Just visit my mall at opening time!

Pixie - You say that now, until they start calling you!

African American Mom said...

You should have waited to invited them for Career Day!---Now some funny stuff!

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