Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When it rains, it poors!

Our trip outside of civilization was an interesting one. I think that because we've been having such a wonderful, busy summer, it was time for God to put the breaks on us and bring us back to the reality of the everyday life of bills, finances and problems.

So, of course the most unexpected thing was Mrs. Ottley's death. Although it wasn't really that unexpected. After all, she was 95. I just didn't know she was that sick, I suppose.

The funeral was a wet one. It was dry during the memorial, but as soon as we were leaving the church to go to the cemetery, the rain started to come down like the dickens!

I mean it PORED! There were flowers turned over all over the cemetery, and Hubs insisted that I wait in the car, as many others seems to do, as the very final goodbyes were said.

The night didn't get any better as we had tons of scatter thunderstorms on into the night.

HENCE, the limb falling on my car. YEAH! The brand new one! Yeah, my 2009 Mazda CX-9 that I didn't want to get but now wouldn't give up. Dented the hood and on the side.

All I kept hearing was, "Well, it coulda been worse.", "At least it didn't hit the window.", "At least now one was in it.", "At least everyone is safe."

Yeah, I'm happy about all that, but it's STILL my brand new whip, maaaaaaannnnn! Do you know how that feels???

Okay, so the tree, thank goodness was on city property and we are currently in the process of getting some estimates and seeing if they are going to pay. THEY BETTER! For one, I can't afford the $1000 deductible it's gonna cost me if they don't. Two, IT'S A NEW CAR, MAAAAAAN!

So, now we have the "home going" and a dented up car. Next? Why is it that his mom failed to mention that there was no HOT WATER in their house?? Hmmm???? So here we are 5 bodies and no hot water. Apparently the heater has been out since our last visit. (sigh) Don't even want to go there..........

There were issues with my step daughter that I won't even go into either. All I will say is that this little 14 year old HOT and SASSY chick done tore her drawers with me and her daddy! And lets just say that she ended up with an ultimatum that she didn't like. Either she gets herself together within the next 12 months or she will pack up and come and live with us.

Hopefully, she gets her stuff straight cause it would be hell trying to tame and retrain an unruly 15 year old to live by my standards without having to beat the black off of her. But, (smile), I would do my best.....

After 6 days in the HOOD, out of my comfort zone, in an area of town where you don't want to be, don't feel safe and aren't use to, we came home. Yesterday afternoon, we come home to a leak from the ceiling in our kitchen! My house is 4 years old! Can someone tell me why I have a leak in my ceiling? Why has my AC unit in the attic overflown water that has caused damage to my kitchen? Why is that another $1000 deductible that I may be paying?

Now while we got the leak to stop before the ceiling caved in, (thank goodness I changed my mind about heading out to look for school clothes!) the ceiling is now ugly!

All these crazy things right before Hubs' "desert vacation"!

I hate to ask, but what else can............????

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Kristin said...

Noooooooo...not the new car! I hope they pay you for it! You crack me up :) Hope everything works out with your house too. Our 5 year old house leaks around the dining room windows every time we get a hard rain. Is it really so hard to build houses that don't leak these days? Good luck with yours!