Friday, February 5, 2010

No iPod... no Gym!

Balancing parenting and personal life isn't easy. Now that all 3 kids are in school during the day, it's a lot easier to find the time that I have always been searching for me for ME. But is it just me, or does that day go by WAY faster now that they are all in school?

Okay, I get so tired of people making it seem like I have NOTHING to do all day and that I can just go home and go to sleep until the kids get home. MAN! Do you realize that there is so much to get done.

Because I have been going to the gym, I have been slacking on my laundry. That's what I'm doing today. Playing laundry catch up. See, I had intentions of going to the gym, but I can't find my gym bag with my iPod in it so I can't go. YES I can let an iPod keep me from going to the gym because it keeps me motivated to keep moving on the elliptical.

There is NOTHING like listening to Beyonce Check Up On it to keep me going because I can just see myself looking back at my booty on the dance floor when it's all skinny again!

And you have no idea how being one of her Single Ladies and thinking about that "guy" who danced her part better than she did can get the adrinaline going to get down to HIS size.

On let's not forget how to Walk It Out to the beat. West side walk it out! South side walk it out! REMIIIIIX!

Okay so you have to understand just why I can't go to the gym unless my iPod is attached to me. I mean, sure. Seeing those old people doing 50 crunches while I'm still on #4 is some motivation, but between the missing iPod and the rain, I think I'd rather listen to that mean ol' Wii say Step On....... Oh!


Kristin said...

LOL!!!! You crack me up!

Rambling Rachel said...

Yes, this is a valid excuse. Hope you find the ipod soon. I'm sure the make-you-sweat elliptical machine misses you.