Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh CRAP! Not the Carpet!

Okay, once was kinda funny. Twice is just plain stupid.

Remember the time I told you all about the bathroom flooding and me surfing across the floor trying to clean it up? It happened again.

Yep sure did. One of those once in a lifetime moments can happen twice only to me.

I asked CJ to turn on the water for Miss Missy's bath. Didn't think to tell her to get ready for her bath. Had I done this small step then I'm sure she would have turned the water off herself after getting her pajamas and underclothes together.

Nope, that step was left out and I got on my treadmill. After 20 minutes of huffin' and puffin', I was done and OF COURSE I plopped my rooty-toot in the chair in front of the computer and started reading blogs while my heart rate slowly descended.

Thinking that perhaps I could take a quick shower while the kids played the Wii in the living room, I head to the bathroom.

Okay, it wasn't exactly like last time. IT WAS WORSE! This time, the carpet in front of the bathroom door was SOAKED! About 3 feet out!

OMG! Hubs is gonna kill me is all I could think.

There was water out the ying yang.

CCCCCCCCCJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ! Of course it wasn't his fault. I asked him to run her bath water. That's it. I'd never asked him to turn the water off before. Why would he think to do it this time. But I needed some HELP!

OMG! How long is this gonna take to dry? OMG! Buying new carpet on a one income household is out, huh? He's probably wanna know what the huge purchase was for.

Okay, so now that all the water is out of the bathroom and most of the water is out of the carpet, I'd say it's time to ask this question. Does anyone know a good carpet cleaning company??

Okay, this is TWICE in the past 6 months. This couldn't possible happen again, could it?


The Housewife said...

Hahaha! Does he read your blog? ;)

Gorgeous kiddos you got there, btw.

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

If he does, I'll find out soon! :-)

African American Mom said...

Oooooo, you in trouble!