Monday, February 15, 2010

Sweet Valentine

Valentines Day has ended.

And look what showed up at my door from a very special Soldier!

I spent the day with three very special Valentines, who at the end of the day told me that this was the worse Valentines Day ever because we didn't go anywhere.

I guess the fact that I took them to the movies to see The Tooth Fairy last night (very funny, by the way) and to McDonald's Playland, then spent Valentine's Day actually preparing a meal rather than continuing this month's trend of kids' meals or toaster waffles meant nothing.

Luckily, they are so absolutely cute or I might have just locked them all outside!

Well I don't know about them, but my Valentine's Day was pretty cool. I mean, of course the roses made me smile. The real kicker was the card which read, "I Love You Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake. So It Must be a lot." Leave it to Hubs!

He also sent a box from Carol's Daughter. Inside was some Princess and the Frog bubble bath for the Princess and a Manicure set for me with some sweet smelling hand lotions and potions.

And... There was one more box. All I'm gonna say is it's from Victoria Secret. A little something for later I suppose. Well, I'm more than certain he's gonna be expecting some pictures of this little number while he's over there just WAITING to et back home. I'm just wondering which ONE of my thighs he's expecting to see fit in this little number!

(no picture. Some things should be kept private, right ;-) )

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