Thursday, November 19, 2009

Whatever you do, DON'T TELL DADDY!

It was getting late and I was piddling on the computer. Don't remember what I was doing, probably, playing Cafe' World on Facebook. The boys were busy cleaning their room and Miss Missy was suppose to be getting ready for her bath.

Oh, I remember now, I was going over the kids' Wish Lists on They had been busy throughout the afternoon handwriting their lists and I was entering their picks from the Toys R Us Big Book onto the website so that Hubs would be able to see what they are asking for this year.

Anywho, Mom called. Now somewhere in between talking on the phone, searching the web and yelling for the kids to finish their duties, I remembered that Miss Missy was supposed to be taking a bath. Then I remembered that I had started her bath water... A.LONG.TIME.AGO.

I rushed into my bathroom, expecting to see the water in my garden tub at the top, but draining through that little security drain that is in the tube just for such occasions.

What I found was nothing of the sort. My garden tub (I mention this again to give you an idea of the amount of water there is) is filled to the top, overflowing onto a floor that already has at least an inch is water covering it! I mean, seriously, you could have surfed in there, which I did. Tell ya later. There were 3 rugs on the floor. Each soaked, no, SUBMERGED in water.

OH MY GOD! Was all I could say. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Hub's would kill me if he knew so I'm trusting that nobody repeats this, okay?

OH MY GOD! What am I suppose to d?, I asked my mom who was still on the phone.

Towels. TOO SMALL!

A comforter. Not one! Three! Three freakin' comforters were thrown on the floor and they too we SUBMERGED in the water. Believe it! I mean, I wouldn't have had I not seen it. Nor would I have believed that I had a serious I LOVE LUCY moment as I slipped across the bathroom floor trying to put down the first conforter! I was SOAKED! Really REALLY soaked.

Thanks goodness I remember that we have a Wet/Dry Shop Vac. I filled and emptied that thing 6 times! But finally after about 45 minutes, I'd gotten all the water up and was in the tub stomping on the comforters in an effort to get the water out of them.

I'm really having trouble believing that I let it get that bad. I thought Miss Missy had gone to take her bath and turned the water off as she usually does. WRONG! You do realize that this is one of those things that I would never tell Hubs. So, I'm hoping that perhaps he really doesn't read my blog, as he says!


Drama Queen said...

Oh, how funny! I'm sitting here at work, trying to be all serious & stuff, and I'm reading your "I Love Lucy" comments and I laughed out loud!

If I lose my job here at the Red Cross, it's all on you. :)


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

That would've been me too...reaching for the wet/dry shop vac. My lips are sealed unless Hubby reads the blog. Then, you just tell him that you were testing to see how waterproof the flooring was.

Lynn said...

That is so crazy! My son is 4 and once in awhile pretends that he has no thought process and screams for me to come turn off the faucet for him. I think he just likes to see how far up the water will go before it creates the next Flood!

My best, Lynn