Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey Weekend

It was a great Thanksgiving. As usual me and my aunt did our thang in the kitchen. Her more than me. But I got this new macaroni and cheese recipe from a friend's sister and BOY! I FINALLY got my mac and cheese perfect!

See, I have beed trying to perfect my mac and cheese for a long time and I have tried to do it in many different wants using ideas from here and there. Well, my friend had a birthday dinner a few months back and I tasted her sisters' mac and cheese and MMMMMM!

Gosh I wish y'all could taste it! If I could, I'd send each and every one of my readers a bowlful. Problem with that is there would be a whole lotta SMACKED MAMAS out there and I don't wanna cause no confusion. So instead I'm just gonna let you see it.

So, though it's nice to be around family, for some reason I was so ready to get home. Okay, so I WAS in the most boring town in GA, but usually I could stay a week or so before I really want to leave. Okay so the city's biggest attraction is the Super Walmart. Y'all.... since I left 10 yrs. ago, they have widened a few roads and added a Ruby Tuesday, but there is NUTTIN to do there. I remember when I was young I use to have the ambition that I was gonna open up a skating rink so that the young folks could have something to do other than get in trouble and get pregnant. When I was older, someone actually tried but couldn't get it approved. It's one of those towns that wants to remain a small, dull, boring....

I had to go to to come up with some more words to described my wretched hometown. There were a few good ones:

Ho Hum
Moth-eaten (that's funny!)
stupid (no kidding, that's a synonym)
zero (as in ZERO chance I'd ever willingly go back home to live)

Okay, so maybe I'm being a little hard on the ol' hometown. Maybe I was just a bit salty because Hubs wasn't there to get on my nerves while I was cooking. Family gatherings are usually the times when he nags me until I POP and be ready to open up a can of WHOOP *** on him!


But the Ville still sucks and the fact that I only have one friend in my hometown has absolutely nothing to do with it.... nothing at all!

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African American Mom said...

Aside from the boring town, it looks like the food was good!