Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Really Blah Blah...

Honestly, as of lately, I feel as if I've been worthless. Worthless to my PTO job (it certainly is not just a volunteer position, and worthless to the FRG.

Oh did I mention I made my first mistake by sending an evite for out upcoming Holiday Party out to people who were not supposed to be invited.

Okay, so it wasn't totally my fault. I'm new to this FRG Leader stuff and I don't know any of the people in our Brigade. That, alone, makes me a sucky leader. BUT the problem was that I uploaded all of the emails directly from our new Gmail account right to Evite and sent out the invite. I assumed that the only saved emails my co-leader had put into the Gmail address box were those from Brigade list. Well I was wrong! There were other folk in there that were NOT suppose to get an invitation to our brigade party and we kinda don't wanna use our already limited FRG funds to pay for people who are not apart of our Brigade.

Okay, according to our FRSA (the chick in charge of our FRG) it's not that big a deal, but enough so that we need to get it fixed. MY BAD! (in my best CLUELESS voice)

Trthfully with Hubs home, I have CHECKED OUT of my jobs. Most people understand. Don't know about my control-freak-PTO-president though. She doesn't call me anymore. This is so opposite last year. Hubs use to complain how much my phone would ring throughout the day. Heffa don't call me anymore. This is the consequence of HAVING AN OPINION! When I was quiet and had little to say, simple agreed, she was my bestest friend! LOL!

Time is winding down. Hubs only has a few days left. This time is not gonna be as had for me. Last time he left I was bawlin' like a baby. The kids were distraught. This time, not so much on my part. It won't be as hard to se him go. I had my crying days. Not saying that I'll be happy and throwing a party, but it just won't hurt as bad. I'm ready for it!

Once he leaves this time, I plan on throwing myself wholeheartedly into both organizations. I have to stay busy, doing something that I love... giving my 2 cents!

Okay, this was a very boring post. Sorry guys. Better next time!

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Nap Warden said...

Enjoy your time with Hubs:)