Sunday, November 15, 2009

Catch up

Some Anonymous IDIOT has been posting advertisements in my old post comments. Angers me because I don't want to make my blog to where those who are anonymous can't post because ofter times those people that comment that way make for great reading, but I'm irritated but this butt head using my blog to post about Viagra!

I'm not sure that I've had the chance to mention this, but do you remember a long time ago when I was on a search for a great church? To refresh your memory, there was the one with the controversial sermon about WHO GOD SAID YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR! Well, I n
ever visited that church again. BUT I've found a church that I can call home. The kids LOVE it. They want to go all week. Okay, I haven't gotten to that point (probably won't) but they are trying to go on Sunday morning, then come back for the 6:30 service and on Wednesday. I say, let's take it one day at a time! Sheesh!

Anyway, I walked into this church and IMMEDIATELY got a calming feeling go through me that told me that I was welcome to stay. I looked around at this mixed congregation and never once did I feel out of placed as I joined in on praising the Lord with blacks, whites and "other", young and old, the Amen'ers and the silent worshipers. I felt great and when the kids came out of their individual classrooms with huge smiles on their faces and EXCITED about god and what they saw, how they worshipped and what they did, I knew THIS WAS IT!

So, I have completed that journey. Found a church home for my family. One that we all love!


There has been so much going on lately and I hate that I haven't had a chance to post it all. So here's a quick recap:

Hubs is back in Iraq. The visit was short and sweet, but the departure wasn't nearly as bad as the first one. The kids didn't even cry. It was too soon. I hate that he came home so soon. These nine months are gonna be really hard!

The night he got on the plane, while I was ready to wallow in my own self pity, my neighbor was having a Going Away Bonfire. I'd settled into my pajamas to lay in my room and watch Lifetime and she knocked on the door to remind me. Glad she did, because I was just starting to feel the tears come on.

We'd never roasted hotdogs over an open fire, so it was pretty cool! The kids loved the whole bondfire out in the woods thing and NONE of them fell in! That made the night even better!


Runnin' Man had his last football game! Whoooo Hoooo! I love football season with the boys, but I also love when it's ever. By the end of running the two of them around, I-need-a-break! Their banquet was at the bowling alley and I promise you, they had a ball! Pizza, Coke and Cake was no match for the bowling because they didn't stay up when they got home, like you'd expect from the sugar. They passed out! It was great!

I signed Runnin' Man up for basketball, which he is VERY excited about. Sir-Talks-A-Lot is waiting for baseball in the spring. Basketball has never been his thing. He seems a little lazy for baseball, but whatever. What kinda mom would I be if I didn't let him figure it out for himself?


The school's Veteran's Day program was really nice! We live in a town where there are so many military families, us being one, and I really love the honor the school gives to them. I was really touched, even more so than last year, with having a soldier in Iraq. Almost, shed a tear. Almost. I ain't no punk! LOL!

He had a speaking part. Whoo Hoo! Watch out Denzel!


Oooooo ooooooo! I almost forgot. Last night, we made pizza. This was our first time making pizza together where I let everyone pitch in and get messy. They had a ball! They claimed that our pizza was better than Pizza Hut and Papa John's. It was a great change from ordering out, you know. And a whole lotta fun with the new Ice Age movie added on. They really love these family times.



Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'm hoping that it slows down some for you. You always seem to have such a full plate. Bonfires aren't fun unless there are s'mores as well.

Baby Boo and I made pizza this past week too. I had her convinced that it was better than Chuck E. Cheese. (I hope she bought that one.)

Kristin said...

I am so hungry for pizza now!

I am so happy that you found a church that you like! I know from experience how hard it is to find one, but when you do, it's awesome and you can relax and just have fun. It's especially great when the kids love it too!

I was laughing when you said the kids didn't even fall into the bonfire. That's always good. Ha!!

Hope you have a great week!!

La Pixie said...

okay, I have been having the same problem on my blog!! someone keeps going to the same post from August 2008 and leaving stupid ads on it. GRRRR. let me know if you figure out how to stop it. I just go and delete those. not that anyone will read them, but I dont want that crap on my blog!

and... I am currently in the search for a new church, too. the old one is just too far from the new house. I am waiting to feel welcomed into a new place, and I cant believe how unfriendly "Christians" are. =( so happy that you guys found a place that works for you!

Jessica said...

Strange.. the same thing has been happening on my blog. Bunch of Viagra adds. Just a tad annoying!

Glad you found a church you are loving! Nothing beats that feeling when you walk into one and just immediately feel at home. That's when you know God has a reason for you being there. We are starting our search this coming up weekend. I'm excited, but slightly nervous as well for reasons that were mentioned in the comment above. It's sad, but unfortunately that's the way it is sometimes..

African American Mom said...

Finding a church home has been on my mind too. It was good reading about yours. It is always a hard decision to make.

Looks like the kids are doing well and I hope that you are too. From the sound of it, you sound like you need a Mommy Fabulous Day! Now go get you one!