Friday, November 6, 2009

Positive Obama comment turns HOSTLE

Yesterday, marked one year.

For what, you ask?

One year ago we made history by electing America's first Black President. We all knew that electing Barack Obama President was only the opportunity to bring about change; that we would all have to keep working to fulfill the promise our victory offered.

Mr. President, one year ago, America believed in you. Today, I still do!

Last night I was Facebook in a cyber fight with a chick who decided that she wanted to voice her opinion about Obama on a comment I made:

President Barack Obama has declared November 2009 as Military Family Month. In the proclamation, President Obama stated: “No one pays a higher price for our freedom than members of our Nation's military and their families. This month, we celebrate the tremendous contributions of military families, convey to them our deepest respect and appreciation, and recommit ourselves to their support.”

I was proud that someone had taken notice of the fights and sacrifices that we Military families face. Michelle Obama has always shown her soft side for our families and that is one of the things about her that won me over.

Well, another poster came in and commented that it was "About DAME TIME he does something that is needed in out country!"

First of all, chick, LEARN TO SPELL!

I see all these adds saying OBAMA WANTS MOMS TO GO TO COLLEGE. You need to take him up on that!

She goes on to say that she "get irate knowing that Obama has never served our country."

Well, never has Franklin D. Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson or Bill Clinton... all GREAT presidents!

Then she says: I don't know why everyone puts down Bush.

UMMMMMM, Maybe because he had us to continue fighting a war looking for weapons of mass destruction WHERE THERE JUST WERE ANY!! How many soldiers were lost on that account alone. And because of that, we are still here in the war that we can't get out of! The rest of the world, who were once on our side grew to hate us! There are issues of poverty right here in America, a war that we should be fighting right here at home! Did he once think that maybe raising the minimum wage in 8 friggin' year might help to stimulate the falling economy???

She also said: Obama is doing horriable. what has he really done for the country as of right now?

He has spent the last 10 months cleaning up the mess from the previous 8 year. Kinda like my kitchen. Can't get any real cookin' done until the mess from the night before is cleaned up, ya know?

She was asked HOW Obama is so "horriable" (as she spelled it), to which she had no answer.

So then the comment was made: Unfortunately, and I am sure you are aware, MOST people who are against Obame is for the simple fact that he is black. Obama's opponent could have been the KKK and people would have voted for anyone except Obama.....just sad.

Hmm, here we go!

She responded with: "When the hell did i ever mention that I didn't like him because of his skin color? wtf? that's ridiculolus"

Its racist people who claim that others didn't vote for him simple based on skin color.

I've made this argument before. The fact of the matter is that he IS looked at differently because of his race. People DID refuse to vote for him because he is black. Being African America automatically give you, president or retail worker, a disadvantage. Freedom wasn't exactly "freedom" right away for blacks and there is still a fight for a since of equality today. If you can't see that then you are blind and naive.

The message she later left in my inbox after deleting herself from my friends' list proved my point!

Kimberly Bennefield November 5 at 11:22am Report I don't have time to deal with ppl who claim im a racist due to the fact I don't agree with there VIEWS or see things there way. And let's be honest here all the people who voted for Obama are stricltly of color. I never brought up race in that whole debate but yet you proved my ... Read Morepoint once again. Minoritys are the racist people on this planet because they think everyone owes them!!if anyone owes ppl something its us native americans! The whites did more harm and murders to them and took there land. so if anyone so claim the race card it should be us native americans! you all have ur own month dedicated to you! What the hell else more do u want?our president is half black!!, you get more education ways to pay for school simply bc ur black!but when Us white people stand up for what we believe but we are called racist bc of it ? But yet its okay for minoritys to throw the race card? Screw that.That's fucking bullshit and its people like you and ur friends that can't let ur skin color go.It makes me sick!!!!! I added you of some random group thinking I might actually meet some interesting ppl but I guess I was mistaken!

Now, if you've been following me, you know I didn't take that one laying down. I sat UP in my bed and got to typing! But to see that, you'll have to tune in to part 2. I'm tired and gotta get dressed to pick up Miss Missy!


La Pixie said...

Im really thinking that you guys are disagreeing about opinions... which I dont understand.

yes, many people dislike the fact that we allow people who have never served in the military to run for President. but we allow it, so thats a moot point and just an opinion. flipside: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson or Bill Clinton being "good" Presidents is totally a matter of opinion, because I know I would never catagorize them as such.

second, when people are fighting, its really just a bullying tactic to throw out the misspelling argument. after all, people are heated and typing quickly to get it all out, so typos are bound to happen. proof? look at the sentence that you wrote immediately after chiding her for spelling. its ads, not adds. not trying to be bitchy, because I know I misspell, too. it just irks me when people pounce on that.

next, blacks voted for Obama as a rule, as high as 90% of all blacks. Im sorry, but that is racist. tell me when 90% of Hispanics vote for the Hispanic. doesnt happen.

also, I LOVE that Bush wasnt so uneducated about economics that he upped the minimum wage. I vote against that every chance I get. even when I had a minimum wage job. once again, though, thats my opinion. you cant change my opinions and I cant change your opinions. thats why it doesnt do any good to fight about them.

does it feel good to get them out? YES. should you hear opinions different than your own? YES. will you change someone elses mind? prolly not.
so... exchange of ideas in a calm setting: good.
fighting with someone ideologically different than you: not productive.

Rambling Rachel said...

It's hard to recognize white privilege when you're white and privileged. Easy to say racism doesn't exist when you're white. I know.

Anyone who claims Obama hasn't done anything didn't look at the TARP. Lots of campaign promises fulfilled in there and I think a healthcare bill will pass.

Politics, race and religion always make for heated and interesting discussion!

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

Thanks for understanding. That's pretty much all I was saying. To recognize that because he is the first non-white President, there is sure to be some scrutiny. I'm not trying to say that all people that disagree with him are racist. That's insane! Just that, yes! Race has something to do with it.

I have confidence that the healthcare bill will pass as well.