Thursday, July 14, 2011

Am I becoming... GULP... OUTDOORSY?

This morning I allowed all of the kids to intrude on my morning walk.  Normally they're asleep (or at least 2 out of 3) so I usually take to dog out for a minimum of a 40 minute walk. Today, I woke up the boys to put the trash cans out on the curb because it's trash day.  

Oh did I mention we got blue recycling cans this past weekend?  I was pretty excited because when we first moved in I asked the Command why we were not recycling and I was told that it just wasn't in the budget.  In my opinion the benefits of recycling had to outweigh the cash and was sure to cost the post less in the long run, but who can argue with the Garrison Commander?  Anywho, 4 months later and VOILA!  Blue recycling cans!  YAY! (Why things like this excite me, I don't know.)

Anyway, I got the kids up and let them ride their bikes while Ginger and I did a speed walk.  I even had it in me to take a longer route than normal AND run on the way back.  I have to admit, I expected lots of complaints from Thing One and Thing Two, but they were actually pretty good on their bikes.  I'm sure they wouldn't have made it on foot.  

The idea of waking them up in the morning is not a bad idea.  They get in some exercise, we get to spend some time together and they begin to learn the importance of living a healthy life.  I'm just starting to learn this so I'm hoping to get it instilled in them early.

On the other hand, on the mornings that I don't take CJ with me (I take him because he does the least amount of complaining), the walks are my "me time" to think and organize my day while enjoying music via online radio all the way from Savannah, GA. It happens to be my FAVE radio station, even though I haven't lived in the Savannah area in years.  If you love Hip Hip and R&B and you love today's music mixed in with greats from the 90s on up, listen here:

There are so many things to do and so little time to do it.  The summer has flown by and it almost feels as if I just haven't done ENOUGH with the kids this summer.   The last two weeks have been much of nothing exciting.  I'm glad that the weather is changing and thanks to the monsoon season, it's not scorching hot outside anymore.  

Shhh, I'm about to surprise you.  


I think I'm becoming the outdoorsy type!

Yeah, I said it.

I'm starting to actually want to do things outdoors.  

I WANT to hike to the top of the mountain.  Really, I do!  It amazes me that I'm even considering the idea, but I want to get out and hike up the mountain.  I'm inspired by the people I see doing it.  I'm not expecting it to be easy and I think that's why I want to do it.  I will never be able to climb mountains at home in GA unless I go up north, so I want to do it while I have the opportunity.

Okay, you can get off of the floor now.  I know that's a shocker because I can't hike in heels.

So stay tuned.  I have a feeling that day is coming soon!

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Kristin said...

Ha! I'm so not an outdoorsy girl. And we don't have mountains here in our part of TX, so it works out. LOL!