Friday, July 22, 2011

Today is NOT the day

Today is NOT the day.  

But I guess I felt the same way yesterday.  

But TODAY is NOT the day.

Between the fact that I didn't sleep well and really want to go back to sleep and the fact the mensies are kickin my butt., today I really want to avoid the morning walk.  

I don't think today is the day!

But, I hate to disappoint Ginger.  She loves the walk.  Well at least until the walk turns into a run.  Yesterday, once the UMPH kicked in, I was able to hit the pavement with a jog.  That was after walking about a mile and a half first, in the heat.  Well, Ginger wasn't too happy about that and I ended up pulling her and pepping her to run most of the way.  

Lazy Dog.

Today doesn't feel like a day where I want to get out and hit the pavement, but at least I better walk, right?  I always feel so much better after a little exercise, even if it is only a mile or so walk.  And even though I didn't sleep last night, I can always come back and take a nap.  It's not one of my busy days.  

Today is going to have to be the day.  

I may not be able to do any working out tomorrow.  It's Saturday. Lots going on.  Lots of plans.  Not sure if I can squeeze it in.  

Today IS the day.  I'm tying my shoes, drinking my water and putting the dog on the leash.

TODAY IS THE DAY, because tomorrow's not promised to be the day either.  so TODAY, I have to push my excuses to the side and make it happen!

Today IS the Day!

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