Thursday, September 15, 2011

Coming together for Brunch

First of all, I have great news.

I made a 91 in my Macroeconomics class!

YES!  The class that I HATE!  

The one I thought I was going to FAIL miserably!  

I got an A!

Well, technically it was an A minus, but an A, nonetheless.

Can you say THRILLED?!??



I'm really liking the way that the Huachuca Wives group is going.  So far there are over 50 members and there is tons of communication and participation with the discussions and posts.  I'm trying to maintain a group with a positive atmosphere and so far, it's working. 

Today I got together with some of those great girls.  I invited the group over for a potluck brunch.

I ended up wit about 7 girls, and they were a great group.  I invited Deborah, the crossing guard that I met last year who is just absolutely darling!  She's a retired spouse.  She and her husband live in a small travel trailer and she LOVES kids.

Have you ever read the books about Mrs. Piggle Wiggle?  It's a series of books I read when I was a kid about a little old lady with who loved kids.  She never had any of her own, but she lived her life being around kids, playing with kids and having imagination adventures with kids in her neighborhood.  Anyway, Mrs. Deborah reminds me a lot of Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. She has the greatest spirit and the biggest heart.

The ladies I met today were great.  It was nice to be in a positive environment with some positive people.  It's great to be able to shoot around thoughts about the area and ideas about what to do to make things better.  One of the girls, a girl that I asked to be my co-admin on the FB page, made me so happy today.  She told me that the site has helped her realize that she can do this Army Spouse thing and she told me how appreciative she was that I created it. 

And that, my dears, is success!  If I have touched 1 person's life in a positive way then Huachuca Wives is successful and I know that my goals have been met!

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