Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day at Sea World!

So how was your Labor Day Weekend?

As a Family Chick, it's inevitable that a good holiday weekend is going to revolve around family stuff.

So, lucky for us as a Military Family, Sea World is being generous to offer free tickets to military families!  They call the program "Here's to the Heroes" and there is a free admission to Soldiers and up to 4 dependents.  Which was great because we only ended up having to buy one ticket and because we purchased it at MWR before we went, we even saved almost twenty bucks on that ticket as well! 

So off to San Diego we went on an 8 hour drive from Ft. Huachuca. 

Even better, we have friends that live at the Navy base in San Diego and were able to spend time with them as well.  They were our neighbors in Georgia and I was so happy to see her!  It's so true what they say about how military friendships often just pick back up where they left off!

Every since I was a kid, I always wanted to go to Sea World.  We lived in Georgia and that's about 8 hours from Orlando.  We took a trip to Disney, but never got back to visit Sea World.  Back then, the Free Willy movies had come out and I wanted nothing more than to see Shamu!

Well I finally got my chance!  The kids had an AMAZING time!  We didn't do the rides, just the shows and they still talked about how much they enjoyed it. 

It was a great Labor Day Weekend.  My only complaint is that the 4-day weekend didn't las long enough!

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