Thursday, September 15, 2011

Things To Work on Thursday: Organization and Career

There are a few things I have trouble with.  

One is staying organized. 

Lately, with so much going on, I have trouble finding time to keep it all together.  

Have you seen my calendar?

 (Yes it's sideways!  I couldn't figure out how to rotate it!)

It's color coded for each child and myself for all of the things that I have to do during the day.

My iPhone reminds me of every appointment, event, class, practice, game, conference, field trip or luncheon that I have coming up.

If I don't write it down AND set a reminder in my phone, it's likely it will fall into the I FORGOT pile.  Often, that pile is where I find folding laundry.  (Perhaps purposely put there.)

My point to it all is that I'm very busy these days and that's WITHOUT a traditional job!

I can only imagine how it all will get done when I have to go back to work.

Ahhh, work!  I feel that lately the husband has been throwing (pretty hard) hints about me getting a job.  He's been talking a lot about me getting my resume together every since he went to a resume class and has even mentioned a few websites for jobs here in AZ.

I know what he's saying, but the problem with me finding a job (other than that fact that I don't want to) is that everyone is so competitive here, with their fancy degrees and such.

Shoot!  I don't have my degree yet and my confidence is way low... when it comes to competing for a job anyway. 

Where is that perfect stay at home career that I have been waiting to fall into my hands? You know, the ones where I don't actually have to get up and go to a place of business EVERY DAY??  HUH?

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