Friday, December 5, 2008

High School Friends

So Mama Kat did another Assignment this week. And although I seemed to have missed quite a few lately in an effort to cut back on my internet usaged and actually spend time with my daughter who has been entertaining herself lately, I decided to join in on this one. Even though it's LATE....................

2.) Are you still friends with you high school friends? Describe them.

Okay, so I have to admit that I wasn't the friendliest person in high school. I mean, I wasn't one of those mean snobby girls that thought they were better than everybody else or anything. I just wasn't one to take on many friends as I didn't like fake people. I found that girls just don't get along well. One minute they are all in your face smiling, pretending to be you BFF and the next minute they are behind the stage making out with your soon-to-be ex...................... Not that it has ever happened to me............... but that's just because I never really hung out with a lot of people or took on a lot of friends.

I had three real, true to the heart friends in High School.

My girl, Leri, and I started our friendship in middle school. I was fairly new to the area as I had recently come from Germany. She was this quiet shy chick that was a total nerd. All A's. Wanted to be a scientist or a Sergent or something like that. Nothing like myself, but we stuck together like glue until a new school was build and I had to transfer. We ended up in two different high school, but still talked and hung out all the time. We kept that friendship and she was always considered one of my bestest friends, even though as time moved on, I got married, moved away, she went to college and started a career, we grew apart, but ALWAYS found our way back. She was the sweetest friend I had, the one with the most sensible attitude, the one with the level head. In January of this year, I got a message through Myspace that my friend had died. I knew she was sick, but I didn't know it was that serious. I felt like I'd lost a piece of myself the day that we buried her.

Then there was Annette. This girl was. a. NUT! I have to admit that I didn't like the chick much at all when we first met. She was a loud mouth, foul-mouth little bitch that always had something smart to say and wasn't as big as a minute. But our boyfriends at the time were BEST FRIENDS and somehow I guess we just grew together. I hung out with her all the time. She introduced me to my "life of crime". This was during the time when I thought it was cool to shoplift candy out of the Shoppette. Too stupid to realize how dumb it was until I actually got caught doing it. That's another story all together.

Anywho, she got pregnant at a really young age. And ended up having to drop out of school. But we hung tight for YEARS thereafter. I have to admit that she has always gotten on my last nerve with her immature attitude and horrible sailor's potty mouth, but she was still my girl.

Recently, we had a fall out. She decided it was time to leave her husband, one of my good friends since high school as well. They have four kids together and she never kept a real job (remember I said she had to drop out). Well I didn't agree with what she was doing simply for the fact that she was leaving him for another man who she had recently "reconnected" with over the Internet. The guy was someone she "went out with" in the 8th grade. Yeah, 8th grade. No contact since. Just met up a few months earlier on Myspace.

WOW! Was my thought! Are you crazy? To leave your husband for an Internet love affair with 4 children and no job? Well, we fell out over the fact that she wanted me to be happy for her and I couldn't when I was worried about her future. Since then, we've gone months without speaking and still really don't except by short text messages.

Nee-C is my best friend of all times. I met Nee-C in middle school as well. She and I have remained down like four flat tires on a pinto from day ONE! We started hanging out when she decided that little ol' geeky me needed to be hooked up with one of her friend's cousins because he had a big crush on me. At that time I wasn't trying to be no body's girlfriend because my daddy wasn't trying to hear it and I wasn't trying to get my butt beat. But she tried anyway and we started hanging out everyday. Now, I credit Nee-C with rescuing me from a life as a geek because the people that I was hanging out with were people that couldn't SPELL popular, much less have a chance of breathing in the same air as the popular kids did. Yeah, I was kind of in with the geeky crowd. Not really geeky. Just not IN.

Well, when Nee-C and me started hanging out, I came out of that quiet girl mode. It was Me, Nee-C and My girl Leri inseparable and when the new school was built, Nee-C moved too. I don't know what it was, but we stayed extremely close all through high school. She was my shoulder. I was hers. I cheated for me. I cheated for her. She failed a grade, I failed a grade. We were just down like that! LOL! Yeah, we weren't exactly scholars! LOL! She had my back iany and everything and I couldn't have love her more.

Still today, 12 years after graduation we are true BFFs. Both married to Soldiers. We live different lives in two different places. And she is still the closest friend a girl could have.

It's funny how different we are from way back then in high school. Funny how are priorities have changed and how we have changed. Each in different ways. But it's funny how you just have special friends whose love can never die.


Melissa said...

Wow....very interesting group of friends... :) I wonder if you and Annette will ever "make-up"....

Kristin said...

Hi! I just started blogging, and I'm not sure how I even ended up at your blog, but I've had fun reading it! You have beautiful children! I'm a SAHM of 3 kids too, and could relate to a lot of things in your blog...especially about people needing to call before they come over because the house is in a mess! LOL

Kristin from TX

La Pixie said...

aww, Im glad that you have your BFF still. its funny how when you grew up with someone, time & distance dont seem to matter, because you can always jump right back as though you were never apart.

Jenni Jiggety said...

I think it is so nice that you have kept in touch! I really didn't...and I am trying to "reconnect" with some friends now through facebook!

Anonymous said...

What great friend stories, except I, too, hate to think what your one friend gave up for an 8th grade bf. Hopefully she'll come to her senses without losing everything.

Diva Ma said...

Melissa- Don't know because once you get on my bad side, it takes an act of God to get back in my good graces. But she's still my friend. Just not as close.

Kristin - I hope you come to love blogging as much as I do. Well maybe not AS much. Don't let kids fend for themselves while you blog ALL DAY! It's addicting! Thanks for stopping by.

La Pixie - She and I have a MAJOR bond.

Jiggety - I was addicted to myspace. recently I found facebook and it's on like popcorn all over again!

Mrs. D- All I can do now is wish her the best because the damage is done. I really hope Mr. 8th grade is really the one!