Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Shopping? Bah HUMBUG!

I've been neglect you, my fellow bloggers. I'm so sorry that I haven't been available with my fabulous posts that brighten your every day. I'm sure missing my posts is like missing your morning coffee.

Just a bit of an ego boost for myself!

I've been a little absent from the blog world this week. It seems that the holiday has worn me out because all I really wanna do is lay around the house. It took me an hour to make 2 lunches last night! I'm moving in slow motions.

I know that today was supposed to be TELL IT LIKE IT TIZ TUESDAY, but it's just not gonna happen. I have a lot that I need to be doing, like getting off my tail and getting on my treadmill, going grocery shopping and getting some food in this house before we are reduced to PB&J, (which I love, by the way), and Christmas shopping.

Christmas Shopping. Bah-freakin-HUMBUG! I get a little cranky around this time of year. There's always so many people that I want and need to buy for, but so few dollars to spread around. The kids I'm not so concerned with. It's the rest of the family that is hard to buy for.

And Hubs and I usually opt not to buy gifts for each other so that we can get gifts for our loved ones, but as selfless as that sounds, I'm kinda tired of it! I mean, we deserve to give gifts to each other too.

I guess my biggest problem is the fact that I've been a stay @ home mom for such a long time and never feel like I have contributed to the holiday financially and have to ask Hubs for money to buy things for my family.

This year, I plan on not stressing. This year, I plan on actually enjoying the holiday that I dread most. This year, I'll try to control my road rage as I am running around searching for that perfect gift for WHOEVER! This year, I'll try to say Bah HUMBUG a little less and sing a few more Christmas songs. I have kids after all. I have to enjoy it for them, right!

And Next year, I'm going to start shopping in JULY!


Dorsey said...

I always say I'm going to start my shopping or creating gifts the summer before Christmas, but alas I always end up with 2 wks to go scurrying about buying everything! hehe

Diva Ma said...

That's exactly how I shop, Dorsey!