Monday, December 8, 2008

Yo Mama! What's your hustle?

Okay, so I've been searching for a SIDE HUSTLE for quite some time. You know, something to accomodate 'pay. I've been a stay at home mom for years and next year I do plan on going back to work..... somewhere. But until then, I'm on a search for something that I can do from home that can make me a little spending cash so that I don't feel like a butt having to ask hubs if it's okay if I buy a pair of jeans, you know?

Many many things have come into my path. Some I have even tried out. After Miss Missy was born, I dabbled in a company called AmeriPlan. This was a discount dental health care company. It worked similar to or with your insurance. Well, with that, I just didn't have any luck. As I said, I wanted to do it from home and I HATED the cold calls and the hang ups! I mean people were really rude and rarely stayed on the phone long enough to hear my sales pitch. And trying to recruit people was a drag.

Then I moved on to PrePaid Legal. Wasn't really feeling this company either. It was another MLM with the same type of thing going on. Trying to get people to join under me to make money off of what they sold.

Well I gave that up and a few months back, my neighbor introduced me to diaper cakes. I've sold a few here and there and I do plenty for showers I go to. But I'm just not thrilled with the demand for these things. My friends and my friends' friends just seem to not be having babies anymore! What's up with that?

My next idea for a money making venture is becoming a sex toy consultant for a company like Pleasure Parties, Passion Parties or Slumber Parties. I KNOW for a fact that THAT would be a heck of a lot of fun, but in today's economy, are we still trying to get our freak on with sexy lingerie and sensual stimulators? Hmmmm.

So now I need something else I can get into. A good side hustle that I don't have to pay to get into cause a sista can't afford it! I want to get into something that I can do from the comforts of my home in the beginning, at least.

I need some ideas, or at least some ideas as to where to look. I'm a fairly creative person and love to make things, sew things create things, but I just can't seem to find that ONE thing that I want to take and turn into MY THING. For now, anything will work.

Tell me bloggettes and blogdudes, what do YOU do for a SIDE HUSTLE?


Ms. Bar B: said...

I am on this same mission =/

I tried PrePaid Legal too and hated it. I liked Avon a hell of a lot better and more people are willing to buy Avon products than preventative legal services!! It doesn't pay much though, unless, like PrePaid, you have folks working under you.

I am convinced that crocheting baby blankets should be my side hustle, but aside from everyone with a new baby thinking that you should just give them the blanket, people have grandparents or other family members that make things for their new little ones. I am still thinking about making some and opening an Etsy store though.

If you learn about any fun options PLEASE let me know!

Toni said...

I work as a pharmacy technician at Walmart Pharmacy and love it :)

Rachel said...

Those pleasure parties are a hoot! And yes in this economy we still have to get our freak on!!

Kristin said...

I'm on the same mission! I have my website set up, but I'm trying to figure out where to go with it. I plan to make hair accessories and things for girls, but I really want something to be known for, so I'm working on it. I really like doing the appliqued onesies for babies too. Those are fun.

I really think having a type of sewing/craft business, it will work well if you can market it locally as well as online. What are people in your area looking for? Even the diaper cakes would work well if you could become known in your area as "the lady who makes diaper cakes", you know?
Here where I live, school spirit is big, so I'll be making lots of stuff with our school colors, etc.

I wish I could sew better. If you can sew well, the possibilities are endless. Here in TX, for little girls, it's all about the boutique look. The big hairbows, the decorated jeans with ruffles at the bottom with matching appliqued t-shirts, anything dance related, decorated overalls for the little girls. I ran across a really cool website, Angelica Grace Designs, that makes really neat things. Anything like that would probably do well. It's all about getting the word out and being known for what you make.

There are all kinds of inspiring things on Etsy. I love that website!

Sorry for the long post. I could so relate to you though....I'm going through the same thing. Mine's more for just having my own thing to be proud of and to keep me busy. Good luck with whatever you decide. Keep us posted on how it works out!

La Pixie said...

I dont actually do this, because the extra $100-$200 sign up fee money isnt feasible for me right now, but Heritage Makers is awesome. as soon as I can, I will sign up. remember those cards I made? I signed up for a free account on Heritage Makers and used their software to make it. you can design as much as you want, but you only pay for stuff if you actually order it. I find that everyone loves the stuff that I make. my business is gonna be creating stuff & selling it to people, not signing people up. as always, if you sign people up, you make money off of them. but you can charge a fee to make the stuff for people. like, I work at a law firm, so there are people with money but no time. so I can make the stuff FOR people.

Jenni Jiggety said...

I teach a class at the gym for extra $$ (and also because it is good for me)!

Rachel said...

I started a Blog Design business -- it certainly doesn't replace the income I had as a teacher, but it does pay for our groceries and a little extra. That ain't bad! :)

Anonymous said...

I really don't have any ideas! I mean, I was going to suggest Tastefully Simple or something like that, but you have to pay to get into that stuff, don't you? Sorry, I'm no help, but hey man...that's how I roll! LOL Good luck tho!

Diva Ma said...

Ms. Bar B - I learned to crochet when I was little. I love to do it because it's calming for me. I wanted to do a few to incorporate into my diaper cakes, maybe.

Toni- The only prob is that I can't do anything outside to house until Miss Missy starts school next year.

Kristin - I think that ou will do fine. You have found your passion and that's what matters. I have a sewing maching, wouldn't exactly say I'm GOOD with it whough, but you are right. If you can sew you can make money!

La Pixie - Your cards were great and you are working in a perfect spot to get it going!

Jiggety - That works great for you healthy energetic chicks. Wish I had it in me cuz you helping others and helping yourself! It's a WIN WIN!

Rachel - I didn't know you did websites. I checked them out and they are great. I wanted to do them too, but I realized that my computer sucks too bad to do that and people wouldn't get their Christmas designs until Easter!

Lynette - What every I do has to be cheap on FREE!