Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tell It Like It T-I-Z! Yes, Sweetie, there is a Santa Claus!

Anyone who knows me knows that I become a HUGE scrooge around Christmas time. Not a big fan of the season.

BUT.... I was over at one of my fave blogs reading a very interesting post she wrote about children and Santa. Ms. Bar B is an amazing mom, single parent, superwoman who was recently faced with the decision of whether to tell her Kindergartner "the truth" about Santa Claus. Now I won't spoil it for you how she approached the situation because you can stop by and read it for yourself, but I will tell you how I feel about Santa and the Spirit of Christmas.

Though I'm usually pretty grumpy at this time of year, I still thoroughly believe in the Spirit of Christmas and the innocence of children. When I started having the little jokers, there was no thought in my mind that I would bring them up to believe in Santa Claus. There is no better joy than to see the light in my children's' eyes on Christmas morning when Santa has come and filled the living room with Christmas cheer.

I remember when I was a kid and I would wake up in the middle of the night before everyone else and go peek under the tree at everything Santa had brought my brother and me. I did this for YEARS! I had to be about 15 when I stopped doing that. It was always so exciting to know that Santa had come.

It bewilders me why parents would choose to take that away. I look at children today and many of them loose their innocence way too young already. At 10 and 12, instead of playing with Barbie and Ken, many kids are already trying to play with the real thing. Little Jay Jay down the street. Kids grow up WAY too fast already, so to take away their imagination by telling them that Santa is fake and that Mom and Dad should get all the praise, I just couldn't do that. I want to see them experience their innocence and childhood as long as possible because that part of their lives will be gone far too soon already. And if that means that I have to tell my children a few little white lies about a wonderful old man whose only goal is to make the children around the world happy with a gift, what can it really hurt?

I don't need the glory for giving my children presents. Yes, we as parents work hard all year for their happiness, but seeing their faces light up when Santa comes is enough thanks for me!

So for those of you that choose to tell your children early on the "truth" about Santa, I can't tell you how to raise your kids, but do know that it helps keep children young. And in the same sense, don't send your non-believin' dream stealers to my house ruining it for my babies!


Anonymous said...

I dread the day my son finds out that there really is no Santa. I want him to believe for as long as possible. I am betting that by second grade that he get told the bitter truth by someone. :-(

For now, he totally believes in all the magic; Santa, Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. And it's so fun.

Melissa said...

I totally agree with you.... what do you mean there is no "real" santa?? I still believe!!! :)

Jenni Jiggety said...

I am with YOU! Santa is magical and amazingly fun for the kids! I love seeing how excited they are...

Geri said...

I love Santa and as far as I'm concerned Santa's as real as when I was eight.

Dorsey said...

My kids just recently discovered the "truth" for themselves. I think I might have slipped and said something about not breaking every gift WE get them, and it was a Santa gift. Oops!

La Pixie said...

I never believed in Santa. I remember as a kid, adult trying to convince me that there was a Santa, but I told them that was silly. I was a very logical kid, and my parents never acted like Santa was real (i.e. no presents from Santa or anything). we would visit Santa every year, because that was part of the holiday stuff, just like making tamales or the Christmas play.

while I do agree that kids lose their innocence WAY too young, I dont think keeping them believing in Santa has anything to do with it. I will say, that I have none of my own, so maybe when I have a kid or two, I will change my mind. =)

oh yeah, and as a kid, I NEVER told any Santa-believing kid the truth. my mom told me that was mean and rude and never to do it. I always pitied the kids behind their back, but now I see that its just part of the fun of Christmas.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

After reading a few posts on this, I'm realizing just how huge this Santa thing is. It simply didn't occur to me that Santa could be controversial.

We are a Santa believing home. In fact, he bought me the big bottom gal's bike seat I'd been dreaming of and it wasn't even on the list!

I hope Santa was good to you and yours this year.