Monday, December 15, 2008

M.I.A. for a while, I know...... & SHOEt Yeah!

Okay, so I've been out of the loop for... what? About a week? Well some other things have come up that have been just a teensy bit important. Not that you guys aren't, but you know, I can't hang out with you all the time.

I'll start off with the video that I know everyone has seen, no one has missed and everyone was shocked by. Okay, maybe I was a little wrong. Maybe. But I laughed my you know what off at this one!

Who knew the old fart could move that fast?!?! That man tried to take his head off! Had that been McCain, he might have suceeded! Come on, you know that was funny!

You this those were alligator skinned?

So, I've been EXTREMELY busy with PTO stuff this past week. We had our "Breakfast with Santa" on Saturday and I think I put in just as many hours as the teachers last week. All in all it went over very smoothly........... except for that fact that the pictures with Santa came out horrible, the photographer sucked and he and Santa were arguing in front of the kids about how to take the darn pictures! YEAH! But it still went over well.

PTO decided that since we appreciate our teachers so much, we wanted to take Teacher Appreciation far beyond one week a year. This year, we wanted to celebrate our teachers monthly. Last month we did a breakfast for them consisting of donuts, bagels, pastries and all kinds of goodies. We also had a couple of students come in from a local massage school and give chair massages. Today, we aske PTO members to bake (or buy) sweets for all of our sweet teachers. I BAKED! Yeah, now so there! Spent all day yesterday doing it! I'm really becoming Mrs. Suzy Homemaker, these days as I actually baked some red velvet cupcakes FROM SCRATCH! And to this point NOBODY has fallen ill! LOL!

So now my stress level is rising because I really haven't taken the time to finish my Christmas shopping. I still have plenty of folks to buy for and little time and money to do it with. You know, if people would just take IOU's at Christmas time on all your bills.... if a law was past that during the month of December, EVERYONE is exempt for paying all bills without any concequences, NATIONAL NO BILL PAYING MONTH, MERRY CHRISTMAS, if this was the case then the world would be a happier place. I'd be a happier person. I need to write my congressman on that one!


Ms. Bar B: said...

Lol, better not let 1 DAY have you all stressed out. Besides, if you don't get to it by Christmas there are gonna be some kick a** sales after Christmas. People miss out on those because they are usually broke directly after Christmas, lol.

O.M.G. Was that whole shoe/Bush thing not the funniest thing ever!! What a way to end the year. God, I wish at least one of em' would have clocked him right up side his damn head. He WAS pretty fast though, huh?

Dorsey said...

I have to say I noticed how fast he dodged first, myself!!! Too funny!!

Good luck with the rest of teacher appreciation. We're providing lunch for our teachers on Friday. We're doing soups. I'm making a Tomato-Chicken Chowder and some Wassail as well.

Kristy said...

I saw that video last night and thought it was pretty funny...George Bush really has some cat like reflexes for being an older man! I'm impressed!

Melissa said...

So glad you are back....but I'm still missing your "tell it like it tiz"...? :)
BTW- I know what you mean about the santa picture taking incident...I swear now a days, it's not about visiting santa to "tell him what you want"'s all about getting the picture and the money!! BOO

Mommy Andrews said...

thanks for the comment... how funny, i was enjoying looking through your blog not too long ago, because i saw you on tarah's blog (although i don't log into my own very often, and just saw the comment!)
you also have beautiful children!!