Friday, May 27, 2011

Being Mommy Fabulous when you're not-so-fabulous

I'm not one to go to my kids' schools looking any old kinda way.  I'm almost always in heals and makeup just to go to the school.

Yeah, I'm THAT mom.

But yesterday, I decided to run to the school in my morning-wear.  Exercise pants, a big shirt and gym shoes.  I was dropping off Caprisuns for the boys' classes for the last day of school, so only had to go as far as the office and run back home.

Well, I get there, only to find out that an awards ceremony is going on!

"I didn't hear anything about an awards ceremony."

"Oh, well we put it on the school website and had a sign here in the office.  I hope your kids weren't getting awards."

(thinking) Do you KNOW my kids?


"Well we don't advertise it because we just don't have room for all of the parents and all of the students."

Are you kidding me?  Parents are not invited to see their kids receive awards because you're afraid too many parents will show up?  WOW!  Is that not bass-ackwards?  Don't schools usually want parent participation?

So, being the supportive mom that I am, I went into the auditorium in my exercise pants, gym shoes, messed up hair and (GASP) no CAMERA in time enough to see CJ get the Principal's Honor Roll Award for ALL A's!  Embarrassed as I was to be seen at a event looking like this, I stayed until the end and went over to congratulate CJ on his accomplishments.  He came over and hugged me, seeming not to take notice of my ragged attire, just happy that I was there.  Cam's class had already gone back to the classroom, but not before he spotted me and enthusiastically smiled waved from his seat.  He is on A/B Honor Roll! 

Being Mommy Fabulous isn't about the way that I look, although I'm normally not the mom that comes to my kids' schools in pajamas or sweats.  Being Mommy Fabulous is about being there, when ever you can, however often you can.  The kids care more about seeing you there to support them.  Being Mommy Fabulous yesterday meant swallowing my pride and showing my un-made face, and  un-kept clothes to support my babies.  I felt Fabulous anyway!

~Mommy Fabulous~


Kristin said...

I am the same way and I'm so proud of you for going. You're so right....they don't care what you are wearing, they're just happy you're there for them. But, I know it would have been hard for me to do too :) Ha! And yes, that's totally weird that they wouldn't advertise it!

Divamom said...

Yep, I'm THAT mom too! LOL Every now and then, though, an un-diva moment happens. The most important thing is that you were blessed to be there. Our school is the total opposite - sending home handouts about everything and sending duplicates on top of that!

Be Blessed!

Mommy Fabulous said...

Kristin & Divamom,

I could be going thru the car pool pick up line and still have to apply lip gloss! LOL! My husband is always asking who am I trying to impress? MYSELF! It's about looking good for ME! We're new to the school and I have never felt so different. We attended the same school up until the move and I have to admit I had a love affair with that school. They were like your school, Divamom, and sent tons out reminders. It's pretty bad when I have to call the school for information. Maybe it's budget cuts and trying to cut back on paper??