Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Breastfeeding doll... hmmmm.

Guys, I'm all for breastfeeding. I nursed all 3 of my babies.  I nursed my first even after walking into the delivery room totally against breastfeeding.  By the time I left the hospital, my son was LATCHED!

This morning, I was watching Kathy Lee and Hoda.  Well, Kathie Lee pulled out a doll that was for little girls.  Now, I've seen dolls that pee, poop, and brush their teeth, but I've never seen a doll that teaches little girls to breastfeed.

Again, I have nursed 3 babies.  My personal opinion is that this breastfeeding doll is a little much for little girls!  I don't like it for my child.  

Yes breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in the world, but STILL!  Not into watching my 6 year old trying to breastfeed a plastic doll.  Breastfeeding was something that was between me and that baby.  Sex is natural as well... does that mean that there should be a doll to teach a boy to put on a... 

OKAY!!!  I won't go any farther.  Soooo what do you think???

Here are a few comments from people on Facebook:

The only problem that I have with the breastfeeding doll is that I feel that dolls like this force young girls to grow up too fast...girls at this age haven't even hit puberty yet and therefore shouldn't be encouraged to grow up too quickly. Who knows...maybe 15 years after this doll has been out there will be a rise in teenage pregnancy because this doll showed them how "cool" it is to breastfeed and make them want to have children earlier...WHO KNOWS, but I sure wouldn't want to encourage that...
Ok, i think this is so funny about the breast feeding baby. I had a baby 7 months ago. I have a huge family with many kids in it, ages 0-10. I am an avid breast feeder and i think this is the first time any of the kids have seen someone doing this and so of course they are very curious. They all want to know what she's doing under the blanket and so on. Well i was spening time with my sister in law who is 5 and she began breast feeding her doll. I thought it was so cute. My husband was mortified. THEN, my 5 year old nephew started breast feeding his DSi.....mmmm...he said "this is my baby. (little baby voice) ohhh baby are you hungry" and put it to his chest. wellllll.......
not a fan of the breast feeding doll, yes its a natural thing for a mother but not for a little girl to be doing or mimicking. there are other things adults do should we make a doll and show them its ok to start practicing??????
 Heather Bailey Nielson
My take on the breastfeeding doll presented on the Hoda and Kathly Lee show...nearly every doll comes with a bottle so that little girls can feed their "baby". What is this teaching? That babies are fed with bottles. We hear all the time that breastfeeding is the best thing we can do for our babies yet, until now, all the toy dolls we give our daughters come with bottles to feed them. This point became clearer to me once my 6th child was born in October of 2010 and my four older daughters, who all have played with dolls and bottles, kept asking me why I did not just give the baby a bottle. BREAST IS BEST. Now little girls have a doll that will let them emulate nursing their baby. It is not sexual or forcing them to grow up too soon. It is role playing which is what children do at that age.


Kristin said...

I had heard of this doll, but hadn't seen it before. I'm just not sure about that! LOL! The little bib thing is very disturbing looking to me. I didn't breastfeed my girls though because I just never felt comfortable doing it, even in private, so I guess it's not surprising I wouldn't really like this doll.

Mommy Fabulous said...

Kristin, Like I said, I breast fed all of mine and I STILL would not give my 6 year old a doll and say HERE! GO PRACTICE BREASTFEEDING YOUR BABY! LOL! When she gets boobs, she can learn with those! LOL!

Christy, Home-Mom said...

I too bf'd all my kids and still with the youngest. My girls and son will pretend with their babies under their shirts.

I'm a huge breastfeeding advocate but everyone has their own thoughts about it. I wouldn't buy the doll, probably cost close to $30. Save your money people .)