Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Morning comes too early.

Up early this morning.  Sleeping after 5:30 is hard around here.  The sun comes up before 5 and when I manage to sleep longer, the construction trucks start work at before 6:30.  

Sleeping in is darn near impossible.  Is Arizona closer to the sun?  

Today, I'm heading out to buy some dark curtains for my bed room.  I don't know what has taken me so long.  We've been in this house since the end of February and I can't get a good sleep unless I sleep on the couch.

So, I'm up.  And cranky.  Wishing I was a coffee drinker.  Researching multivitamins that might give me a boost of energy in the morning.  Any suggestions?  I take my prenatal vitamins right now (before you ask, no, I'm NOT!), but as of lately, nothing I do gives me the energy or motivation to get up and workout.

Today I will also be purchasing a pair of curtains for my bathroom window.
Yesterday evening, Hubs too the boys for a bike ride.  Behind our house, they are doing a lot of construction on other houses and other structures.  Well, it was coming up on dark and when they came home, Hubs told me that they saw me in the bathroom.  The window is that frosted window that people put in bathrooms.  How much could they possibly see?  Well, Hubs took me out for a walk to that I could see for myself.  When we got up the hill behind our house, the silhouette of Cam was was jumping around in my bathroom.  I knew it was him and I could see the blue shirt he was wearing.  

Not good.  You could clearly see a person standing there and you could probably clearly tell of said person was naked or clothed.  

That window is right in front of my tub.  Luckily no one lives in the houses behind us yet, but could you imagine?

"Hey CJ!  Saw your mom in the bathroom last night.  She has some big...."

OMG!  Heading to get curtains immediately!


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