Monday, May 16, 2011

Please God, don't let me die an Arizonian!

My new motto is NO EXCUSES!  

That's for my working out and my education.  

So, let's see how long I can abide my that.  Been feeling less than motivated.


Please God, don't let me die an Arizonian!

This weather is sure to kill me.  

If it doesn't kill me, I'm sure to leave here looking like an old wrinkled woman!

It's amazingly horrible how DRY this air is, how DRY my skin is and how DRY my hair is!

Living in Arizona is detrimental to my health!  

Nose - My nose is constantly burning because of the dry air and I wake up with a nose full of blood and mucus.  Eeww, I know, but this is why I think that I'm sure to end up in a casket before our two-year tour is over.  

Breathing - And, I have tried to run in the fabulous outdoor weather, only to find out that I get maybe ten steps before I'm gasping for air.  Okay, keep in mind that Sierra Vista is way above any altitude I've every lived in.  We're pretty much in the mountains.  Surrounded.  Beautiful, yes.  Ideal for running? No!  Well... especially considering the fact that's I'm not a runner.  Why am I kidding myself.

Hair - Miss Missy and I have SERIOUS hair issues.  She has lost at least 3-4 inches off of her length and mine is dry and breaking off like CRAZY!  I couldn't take it anymore so I too a trip to Sally's and spent a whole lotta money on hair products to try to regain some moisture to our dried out, damaged tresses. I'm so thin in the back that I really would probably benefit from cutting it all off and starting over.  Miss Missy, however, however would simply choke me in my sleep if I even thought about cutting her hair, so I'm working on treating it.  I never had this issue in Georgia.

Skin - OMG!  Why do I look like a LIZARD??  I have scales!  My hands are so dry because I'm constantly washing them and even though I SLATHER myself in everything from deep moisture lotions to cocoa butter to coconut oil to Vaseline, not lotions or potions seem to take the dry itch away!  I read somewhere that this kind of weather ages you fast because it sucks all the moisture out of your skin cause you to get... (gasp) WRINKLES!


I CAN'T get wrinkles!  I'm so vain!  who ever heard of a... 21 year old... yeah I said it! .... being all wrinkled?!?!

Hearing this solidifies my decision.  I'm never going outside again!  I'm going to fill my tub with cooking oil and live in it!

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Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Shea works wonders for the dryness on your hair and skin. Double moisturize your hair as much as you can. Stay inside when it's hot and use a humidifier to keep moisture in the house.

I feel your pain but hang in there. I bet two years will fly by fast.