Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Writer's Prompt: My Dreams at 18

This week, I decided to blog with good ol’ Mama Kat.  I haven’t blogged with her writing prompts in a while.  As a matter of fact, I’ve been quite the slacker on this blogging thing since… well, a long time.  

This week, I’m choosing #1 of her five writing prompts to help get my creative juices flowing.   

1.)  What was your big dream for yourself when you were 18 and had graduated from high school?

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When I was 18, I have to admit that I didn’t have a whole lot of ambition to do much with myself.  I was not college material and was not about to waste my time or my parents’ money pretending I was.  I had plans to go into the Air Force. 

My father had just gotten out of the Army and I was use to being an Army Brat.  For me, it was an obvious choice.  I, like most teenagers, was more than ready to get out of my parents’ house and be grown. 

What was I thinking?!?!?!

I was young, ready to do my own thing, and had NO intention of having any kids!  Nuh uh!  Wasn’t going to happen.  Didn’t like kids.  Had a sister 12 years younger than me and I was scarred.  Not scared.  SCARRED!  She. Was. A. Demon!
Aaaanywho, I procrastinated on this dream for the summer after graduation and on through the following year.  

And then I got married.  

To an Army Soldier.  


That meant that I’d still get the benefits of being An Army Brat, without actually having to do the hard work…

Or so I thought!

Being an Army Spouse is quite possible just as hard as actually being the Soldier!  Oh, and that part about not having kids…


Anonymous said...

LOL @ that part about not having kids. Cute! I must say that although I know "Army Wives" is fictional yet inspired by real life, it gives us outside the military life a glimpse of what it must be like. I have so much more respect, compassion and empathy for the "job" that military spouses perform since watching that show. I hope that's not offensive.

Christy, Home-Mom said...

Your kids are gorgeous! I did want kids (what was I thinking, LOL). I have a sister who is 11 yrs younger and she's still a DIVA going away to college soon.

Stopping in from MamaKat's .)

eof777 said...

What a hoot of a post... I laughed out loud on the not having kids part... yours are cute. Good job on the post. I stopped by from Mamakat's and wrote on the same topic. :-)
I am now following your blog via GFC.

Crista said...

Stopped by from mama you, I was an army brat for 20 years and I was an army wife for 10(now dating a know how it is!) Great post!