Friday, July 11, 2008

4-day work & school weeks?

Okay so I recently heard on the news that many government places here in Augusta are considering 4-day work weeks. Although I'm not a working mom and this will not apply to my Army Soldier husband, I still was a little leery about this decision. The reason for this change would of course be to save money. Everyone knows that with the rising gas prices everyone, including businesses, are suffering. Money is becoming tight. So many government office including the Richmond County Tax Assessor's office and the Community and Housing Development Office are considering either closing on Fridays or having rotating schedules.

Wow, what are we coming to? Everything and everyone is affected by what is happening in the economy. I mean, even the school systems were considering 4 day school weeks. Now this was something that did directly effect my and my first thought was "NO WAY!" I mean, I'm a stay at home mom who values my time away from my kids to do the things I want to do for me.

Selfish I know.

But, really, I was concerned because I've been considering returning to work and does that mean that I have to pay for daycare one day a week? Yes, I understand the savings that it will produce for the school system. I get that. But the selfish Diva in me says, HEY! WHAT ABOUT ME! Earlier mornings and later afternoons at school would not necessarily be great. My boys already don't get home until 4pm and if you add another hour to that, and consider the fact that some nights it takes as late as 8 o'clock to finish homework, where do the kids get any free time? Will there be anytime to sit back, relax and just be kids?

All in all, I think I need more information on this before making a strong decision on whether I like the idea or not. But until then, I'll remain up on the fence, with my selfish self.

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