Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What are you cutting back?

Of course we're all feeling the financial crunch, while standing at the threshold of recession. With these ridiculous gas prices and the price of food getting higher and higher with every visit to the grocery store, the dollar don't stretch as far as it once did.

As a mom, CEO of my empire(thanks for helping me realize my position, Neighbor) , I'm on a mission. It's become my journey to find many ways to cut back to make room for the changing economy.

Coupon clipping is going to become a regular part of my Sunday afternoon. I've done this before, but was never able to keep it as a habit. Yet, the last time I clipped, I came out with over $20 in savings that day. Now even though $20 doesn't put a dent in the gas tank, it is a special outing to McDonald's for the kids or lunch for the Hubs and I. Money well saved.

Many of my friends are also stay at home moms, which give us all the opportunity to car pool. Many of us go to the same places throughout the week and we've found it more convenient to do things together. On my outings with the rug rats, I've found it more convenient and more cost effective to pack lunches and/or snacks for the kids before leaving the house. This saves on stops at the nearest fast food restaurant when the rear seat start calling out "I'm hungry!" Even though they just consumed a three course lunch prior to leaving the house an our ago.

I'll be looking soon to get another car. Right now, I'm running around in a 1997 Navigator. Absolutely horrible on gas! I love my truck. I love the roominess and the fact that I can ride around with friends and their kids, as well as my own 3. I have arguing with my husband for years on the subject of getting me something smaller. Okay I was wrong because in these trying times and the fact that gas is about$3.95 (I know that's a steal in comparison to some other places in the US), I've finally decided that something smaller is a necessity.

So these are just some of the things this CEO is doing to cut back and keep our business running smoothly.

What are some of your cutbacks?

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egiffing said...

Darn right we are CEO's and we are darn good at it too. So here is my little tid bit on saving money. Buying the kids cloths a few sizes too big off season, you can get some great deals.
I also like to hit up some of the major sales and just pick up some cant pass deals on toys to have on hand for gifts to give to my kids friends when they have parties. Hey lets face it sometimes those parties sneak up on you plus not to mention how many little parties you get invited a year. So its nice to have some gifts on hand saves not only money but time and sanity you know.