Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sleeping in while I can

Some may consider me blessed while others may just think that I am outright lazy, but my day hardly ever begins before 10am since the summer has kicked in. Yes, I have 3 children and my step daughter is visiting for a few weeks, but yet and still, even at 10am, I'm the first one to get out of bed in the morning (after my husband leaves for work, of course).

I know this is because I let the kids stay up pretty late because it's summer and I kinda got tired of the schedules and the routine that the so diligently stuck to when school was still in. I spoil them I know, and it started out where they were allowed to stay up an hour or so later then their regular bedtime. That didn't last long as we started sitting around watching TV or playing the Wii until we get tired. So now, there is no bedtime and the children don't wind down until 10:30 or so. Unhealthy, I know, but as a mom who stays at home, I tend to enjoy the extra sleep I get in the mornings and the alone time I have before they wake up. And I have to take Mommy Time when I can get it because I know that as soon as one wakes, the others are sure to follow and the chaos begins.

"Momma, CJ hit me."

"Momma, Cameron won't get off my bed."

"Momma, Kennedy won't get out of our room."

Now, that's the daily routine. It's started the first day of summer vacation. And I know I'm not the only mom (am I?), but I can't wait for school to start again!

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Lane Boyz Mom said...

That's the main thing I miss about summer:( The kids staying up late, the kids sleeping in late:) LOL Ahhh.....silence when I wake up for my morning coffee....LOVE IT! LOL