Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Too soon for a routine.

Well, there are just less than 3 weeks left until school starts and I'm already starting to feel anxious. I think the kids are too. There is a higher amount of arguing and fighting amongst all of them lately, making it more difficult to just enjoy the the time we have left of summer vacation.

It's time almost time to get back into a routine. The bedtimes, which have become non-existent, are going to have to change really soon in preparation for school hours. Yet, I want them to be able to enjoy the last few week they have, and with this Georgia heat, early bedtimes become an issue. Of course the longer hours make it almost impossible to get the boys to sleep at 9 o'clock considering it's still light out. And, the heat here in Georgia reach staggering temperatures and the humidity makes it impossible to take a slow walk, much less ride bikes, jump on trampolines or run. The kids can't even go outside until around 7, when the sun is beginning to descend and the heat is only in the low 90's (still unwavering heat, I know). So it poses a problem when trying to get your kids, who have been stuck inside all day, to come inside at 8 o'clock and be ready for bed by 9. An hour outside barely gives them enough of an outlet or enough exercise to burn off a calorie!

So for now, I just plan to play it by ear and perhaps hold off on preparing them for the school routine until the week before they have to go back. Remember when summers seemed to last forever?

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