Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where did those great summers go?

Ahhhh, peace! Everyone's out of the house except Miss Missy and she's taking a nap. 6:30pm is a bad time for a nap, I know, but Miss Missy rarely naps and I guess after a joyous playdate with the neighbor, she's all pooped out.

So, selfish me is letting her catch a few Z's while the boys are visiting friends and the hubby is working the night shift.

As my boys off spending one of their last summer days INSIDE someone else's house, presumably playing video games, I can't help but think,

"Where have the great summers gone?"

Remember the days where we stayed outside until the streetlights cames on and dare we run into the house for ANYTHING at all in fear that we'd have to stay inside?

My kids practically beg to come back in, claiming "It's boring outside."

Remember "Red Light Green Light", "Mother May I" and "Red Rover"? Remember catching fire flies, building forts and having club houses?

My kids think that "Sooooo lame!"

Summers days use to seem endless. And the idea of coming in when the street lights came on was heartbreaking.

I guess these days, kids have so much junk inside the house that outside seems dull. I mean, who wants to play with bugs when you have a PSP or DS with virtual pets to play with?

Who wants to look for your friends in trees or behind bulidings, in between cars or on neighbors porches? Who wants to play hide and go seek, tag or freeze tag anymore when there's a world of technology waiting on the inside? Who needs good ole' outdoor exercise and play when you have freakin' WII Fit in your living room?

And we wonder why we are the most overweight country in the world!


dominijai said...

I agree! Growing up when the streetlights came on I used to get so upset because it was time to come inside. I would get so tanned from being outside all day. My Booba loves being outside he cries when we come in. We had a water balloon fight last weekend hopefully we can continue that this weekend. How about trying that out? I remember even playing in the pouring rain!!

Diva Ma said...

A water balloon fight sounds great! All the kids would love it. And we have so many kids in the neighborhood it'll become an all out war! LOL.