Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Busy Bee!

Yesterday was one of my busiest days to date. For the school year at least. It started off with a a class field trip. I volunteered to be a chaporone becasue that is some that that I so love. There's something to be said about being responsible for a group of little snot nosed darlings that couldn't give a flip about listen to everything you say.

So the trip was to Phenizy Swamp's Bug Mania. Yeah, bugs. See, Runnin' Man's gifted class is studying bugs this semester and what better way to end it all than a trip to Bug Mania a to fish little creepy crawlies out of swamp water!

Okay it wasn't so bad. The fact that the bus almost ran over a snake when we first got there and then they expected us to walk along that same path..... no big deal, right?

Hey I'm was that girl that went around catching lizzards and frogs and chasing my scary girlie friends. I was that one that had no problem catching grasshoppers. Give me a jar and I'd catch you a bumble bee, shake up the jar, tip the jar and high-tail it to safety. But that was just for kicks! (okay I was a little scared of bees, but as long as they couldn't catch me, it was all to the good!)

But yesterday, I was also the one who screamed and franctisally waved my hands in the air like a girl when something big and creepy flew towards my head. Probably a dragon fly or something, but it still scared the bejesus outta me. Yeah, real tough, huh?

Looking ever into the swamp from the boardwalk

My little scientist ------ or entomologist or whatever the bug people are called.

A little classroom education on swamp things.

Those creatures were once alive. EW! That wolf/coyote thing creeped me out.

Okay so once the field trip was over, it was home for a short rest and then off to to the book fair! I'd promised Runnin' Man that I was going to give him and Sir Talks-A-Lot each $10 to spend.

I was impressed with Runnin' Man's picks. He chose two of Diary of a Wimpy Kid series books. Pretty good sized chapter books. And for a kids that would so rather be carrying a ball everywhere, I was glad to see that these books peek his interest. And if you haven't gotten these books for you elementary school aged child, you so should! They say that Middle schoolers really love these books, but at that our book fair, they were FLYING off the shelves! Then you just have to read them for yourself. I started reading them to the boys this morning and I think I found the new read for the book club! (I mean, if I was actually part of a book club)

I was supposed to be putting in an hour handling our fundraising orders, but got side tracked and somehow that I was to be volunteering for the book fair. Oops! Hey, too many things goin' on at once!

So from there, it was on to football games. One at 6 and one at 7. Great games because they both are on winning teams!

Night ended with pizza and the debate, which I won't go into..... now. The end!


Rachel said...

You sure had a busy many red bulls did you have to drink :)

Diva Ma said...

No red bulls, but I flew through the day like I had wiiiings! LOL!

Melissa said...

Sounds (and looks) like you guys had alot of fun!! My kids (eveb the girl) love all things bugs...eww!!

BTW- yes, she was my biggest baby--although my two oldest were right around that.. 5.5 lbs and 5.2 lbs; but my youngest sons was only 4.2 lbs... and was pretty sick and in the hospital for 2 weeks after birth!! BUT now he's a little firecracker--woooweee!!!

Ms. Bar B: said...

Wow. See... you're good. I don't do snakes and bugs, lol.

Jenni Jiggety said...

My son read the Wimpy Kid books and really LOVED them! He'd love that bug thing, too! FUN!