Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday's Musings

Thank goodness it's Friday! I was exhausted after taking the boys to their football games. Did I mention that they are in two different ages groups and sometimes play at the SAME TIME? Uhhh, yeah, so luckily they have been playing on fields right next to each other and Hubs and I can sit between the two fields watching both games at the same time.

It's Like:

"Did you see that?"

"Aww, man, what just happened?"

"Shoot I missed my baby score!"

Did you watch the debate? I know that it was a much anticipated event in my household and among many of my friends. Everyone wanted to see if Palin could pull it off, if she would flubb it up the way she did her Katie Couric interview.

To my surprise, she did a pretty good job. I mean, I did get tired of hearing the word "Maverick" like a billions times. Someone needs look at that debate again and get me a count on how many times she referred to McCain as a maverick in an hour and a half''s time. And I was disappointed that she spent so much time supporting him and not enough time talking about herself. I mean really, truth be told, we all know that McCain is up there in age and has a few health issues. If, God forbid, something was to happen and she had to take over the presidency, I wanted to know more about how SHE would handle us, not how she would follow in McCain's footsteps.

Now, for me, this whole election has been major exciting. The only thing is, in all due honesty, I don't think either candidate has an answer to solve the mess that the Bush administration has created of our economy.


I mean, you see the mess that we are in. Do YOU have any idea how to fix it?

Anybody? Anybody?

Uhhh, NO!

And I'm pretty sure that there are a lot you that are pretty damn smart!

This is not going to be the responsibility of one person to fix. President of the United States or not. This is going to require the thoughts, debates, and arguments of many many people to come up with a way to take care of this mess. This is going to require that BOTH parties, DEMs and REPs, come together and figure something out to TRY to make things better for us. The future president does not have all the answers. That's why he is appointed staff and advisors. DUH!

Whoever is put into this position is going to catch pure dee hell for something that isn't even his fault and he is NOT going to be able to solve this crisis in one term. Heck! I don't know that America will be able to recover in two or three terms.

Either person chosen, Americans are going to expect answers to their own personal crisis. Their mortgages, their health care issue, their children's education, and many, many other issues on the average American's minds. I hope that WHOEVER is elected, is someone who is going to fight for the us just as hard has they fight for the big companies. We didn't have that before and I feel that it is something that we truly deserve.


ParentingPink Mommy said...

Oh, I love that you blogged about many mommies stay away from that topic & I think it's a much needed debate!

I saw the debates and agree - I am TIRED of hearing the term "Maverick!" Ugh! But, overall, I thought Palin did a fairly good's just that Biden did better! LOL.

As for fixing the economy, hmmmm. Don't have any answers yet. Let's hope Obama does (yes, I'm an Obama Mama).

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Since we're on your blog, I'll say it: She is an idiot. I cannot take anymore of her "yer darn right"s, "you betcha"s, "maverick"s, "soccer/hockey mom" comments. She was so scripted and "rehearsed". Meanwhile, Biden was as smooth as silk. She disgusts me.

Diva Ma said...

Ladies, you said it! I'm so an Obama Mama too! I can say that she did better, but we know that she has been drilled like Eliza Doolittle! The rain in spain falls mainly in the plains!


And WE KNOW YOU'RE A HOCKEY MOM! Now what can you do for the US?!?!?!?

Mekhismom said...

It took longer than four years for us to get in this mess and it is going to take longer for us to get out. I hope that people have realistic expectations of whoever gets into the White House.

Jenni Jiggety said...

I totally agree!

Rachel said...

I try to stay away from this topic but I enjoyed the debate. First one I have ever watched.