Friday, October 17, 2008

Sister serves our country

My baby sister graduated from Basic Training for the Air Force Reserves. I have to say that I am extremely proud of her for this accomplishment. She is officially an adult!

My sister is 12 years younger than me, a fresh, young 18 yr old. So now you know my age. She graduation high school back in June and after a small struggle with SATs and college entry, decided to join the military to help pay for college.

Okay, I guess, I better give you a little history on my sister and me. For years, we couldn't stand each other. I'm not quite sure when it all started but it could have very well been the time when she was a toddler, got mad at something I said or did and lunged toward me like a spider monkey! I had to walk around with an eye patch on for at least a week.

Or maybe it started with ANOTHER time she didn't like something I said or did to her when she was about 3 and she threw one of her Barbies at me, full speed at.... my.... head. It narrowly missed me and slammed into the wall behind me.

Where ever it started, Tweety and I never got along. I was convinced, that child was Demon's Spawn!

Throughout the years, I think we argued more than we spoke to each other. From the time I moved out my parents' house, our fights would start as soon as I'd walk into my mom's door. "What are you doing here? Go home!" And it would go on from there. She wasn't the easiest person to get along with. After all, she was a teenager and had every bit of that teenage attitude that I so hope Miss Missy never picks up.

I think what always bothered me most about Tweety was her mouth. This chick had one smart ass mouth towards EVERYONE! And she got away with it! If I had so much as muttered some of the things that she said to my parents, I would have been "picking my teeth up off the floor" as my mom has so lovingly told me oh so very many times. But this girl, oh no! She would argue my mother down to get her point across. I would sit back in disbelief at the things that my mom would take from Tweety, waiting on a smack in the mouth that NEVER came!

Talk about spoiled. Of course, with her being the baby and me being the oldest (my brother was the middle child) that's a given, but my goodness! The girl has never even cut her own meat at dinner! My Grandmother, likes to say that we never got along because I was jealous of her. I beg to differ! Although I did wish that she was raised a little more like my brother and me.

You know, the old school "Speak when you are spoken to" type raisin'?

The "Don't talk back to grown folks" way of life.

Or the "Kids don't get the last word" rules.

You know, those things that taught us how to be courteous and respectful?

But, it is said that once a girl hits a certain age, that adolescent attitude fades and they become more tolerable and easier to live with. Around 16, I think maturity kicked in and finally we became sisters.

Now Tweety is in the military. A airman, or airwoman. And as surprised as I am that she didn't flip out and tell her drill sergeant to kiss her you know what, get kicked out or go AWOL, I am so proud that she made it through! She set her mind to something and she did it.

And now, Tweety is an inspiration to me.


Rachel said...

Hats off to Tweety!!!

Rachel said...

Congrats to your sister -- what an amazing and brave decision she made!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Good for her!!! Congratulations, Tweety!