Saturday, October 4, 2008

Is the gift wrapping really that important?

On "The View" this morning, I was listening to these ladies start of a discussion talking about the book, "The Joy of Sex", which I have yet to read. So if anyone has indeed read this book, give me some insight. I do have a Kama Sutra book and even a movie of the same title, but I haven't yet read "The Joy of Sex".

So, the big question raised from this discussion was: Do looks mean as much to women as it does to men?

Now ladies, when it comes to ourselves, you know that no matter what other see, we are almost never satisfied with that chick that looks back at us from our full length mirrors. We always have something critical to say about that naked silhouette that stairs back at us in the bathroom mirror. Whether it be the rolls or the stretchmarks, we are busy wondering what that man is gonna think when he sees what you see.

But what out our men? Do we look at the men that we love and criticize their appearance as much as we do our own?

I know that for me, I look at my husband and only wish I could have taken on the years as well as he has. Okay, so he has an unfair advantage. He's Army and goes to PT every morning. But all in all, though he has changed in weight throughout the years, it's a positive thing. We were kids when we married. He was 24 and I was 19, I think. He was this skinny little kid back then with no body fat other then a nice booty. Over the years, he has grown into a man. The weight has been distributed in the right places. He just looks like the man that he is supposed to be now, has aged gracefully in the past ten years, and has left that skinny little kids behind.

Now it is said that men really don't see us the way that we ourselves. While women are fretting over their enlarged butts and "eww, look at that roll!" "where?" "right there, don't you see it?", we are more critical of ourselves than they are.

They kinda like a woman with some junk on their trunk and a little something to hold on to.

I on the other hand have not taken the years as gracefully as my better other half. I was once a skinny little kids too. HA! Boy have those days some and gone. Three kids and ten years lack of exercise later and it's WHYCAN'TIBUTTONTHATTOPBUTTON AND DIDANYONEORDERMUFFINSOVERTHETOPOFTHESEJEANS?

Weight not distributed so well and no PT to motivate me to workout every day. But does he care? Does he say anything to make me think that he's as grossed out by it as I am? No. He sometimes might even say, but never enough that I'm beautiful.

Men are more interested in the act of having sex, I think, and less interested in the package.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%. We women are WAY harder on ourselves than they are on us. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if we suddenly had Jessica Alba's bod, but as long as they're getting some loving, I think they are satisfied. ;-)

Cheryl said... are right on the money here. It's all in the attitude and the way we carry ourselves. Who wants to be perfect? TOO much pressure! Men age just seems as if they get better like fine wine. I have curves, bumps, bruises, and scars from life...and five children. I look at my body sometimes and say "geesh...where has time gone and where is that skinny little waif from the 80s?" I hear thru the grapevine that men don't want a skinny waif. No one wants a bag o bones in bed.

Mr. Handsome, the guy I am totally in love with in every way, has never puked seeing me naked. In fact, I think he doesn't notice the flaws that I do! He told me he loves the total package, not just one part. I love that! Considering he's 6 years younger, I'm digging that!

Love what you've got, girlfriend. I think we are all our own worst critic!

HappyHourSue said...

TOTALLY - they are just happy that we're naked.

My husband is the same - he looks to me just like the day we married, plus a few grey hairs. Me, big difference. And he does tell me all the time I'm hot but I say "you're just a desperate, horny man." :)