Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rats! Tagged again! Wanna know some more random facts?

I think many a people in the blog world have figured out that I'm a slow runner..... or that I'm just SLOW, which ever one fits..... because I've been tagged again. This time I was caught by the wonderful blogger extraordinaire that you are sure to find on my blog roll. A good dose of this mom gives you advice and humor in every post. Go by and visit Sex Diaries of a Mom. And don't worry. It's clean!

So here we go. Tagged with a meme where I gotta share more about myself. 7 more random or unknown things. This should be fairly easy since most of you don't know me, right?

1. I hoping to get my life together soon and start achieving my own dreams in life. I have put off a lot while the kids were young for one to see them grow and two because not working is what was best for my family. I can't wait until I get up the nerve to get my degree.

2. I start things all the never that I never finish. Crocheted 3/4ths of a blanket. Painted 1/2 Miss Missy's room. Decorated most of my kitchen, but have yet to make the curtains. Nothing ever gets done because I always want to move on to something else. I guess I just get bored easily.

3. I have never been sensative before, but lately find that sad things in movies make my eyes well up with tears. What the heck is up with that??? I'm HARD! I don't get with all that mushy stuff! usually.........

4. It's WAY past time for me to buy new underwear. Most of my bras only have one underwire!

5. I spend WAY too much time watching debate coverage and blogging. I'm not even sure how dinner gets cooked anymore, but my laundry is way behind.

6. I love to sing Christmas songs but hate when I start to hear them on TV, especially in October. It only means that it's time to start spending a gang of money that I don't have that never seem like enough for the people that I love.

7. Alcohol makes me sleepy. One Apple Martini and I'm ready to go to sleep. Do not pass go! I'm more fun without the alcohol.

Okay and now it's your turn. Guess I'm not as slow as you thought because here are the people I was able to tag. Keep it up!

What do you mean it's due today?

Live. Laugh. Love.

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The Glamorous Life said...

Apparently I am a slow runner too!!!

I am gonna get working on this.NOW!

MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

My goodness, I thought I was the only one so wrapped up in politics that the fam is going hungry... you're going to have to get your weight up on the drinks, though! Cute post.

Asianexpressions said...

Nice post!

Melissa said...

I get bored super easy too.... oh and don't feel bad, I am way,way behind on my laundry too...

fly tie said...

your children are *beautiful*.

i'm with you number 3. here lately i'm been experiencing some emotions and feelings that are so unlike me. i don't know what it is.

Dee said...

you and I have a ton in common, except for Number 7 I dont drink. Oh and I'm a Republican.....:)