Tuesday, May 18, 2010

End of the year Honors


I still have my Valentine roses sitting on the table in my foyer.  Of course, they are a little dead.  I probably would have thrown them away by now, but my best friend once told me that she thought that dead flowers were beautiful.

As the roses withered, I couldn't help but look at them and see that there is actually still a certain beauty to the dozen.  I know that they are not the typical vibrant blooms that they were when I received them, but their beauty of a rose doesn't fade.  Kinda like a woman.



Drama Queen said...

Congratulations to the kiddos - that's awesome! I can't believe it's the end of school already...sigh. Time flies, huh?!

And I love dried dead flowers...I keep mine forever, too. :) Then, when they just can't take it anymore, I take the petals off and put them in a bowl for potpourri.

Have a blessed day!

Shayla said...

Your kids are just precious!!!

Congratulations for helping them make those achievements :) It's so lovely to see all of their hardwork pay off :)

I love drying out my roses :) I think they are beautiful as they age as well!!!

Syrone said...

How cool! You've got to be so proud. I think dried roses have a kind of beauty that's different from the fresh blooms. You might want to dry them with some kind of preserver. I'm pretty sure Michael's has it.