Saturday, May 1, 2010

Team Sports... It's ON Again!

The lawn guy came today and took care of my over grown lawn.  Well the back was really overgrown with weeds.  The front, not so bad.  But all the same, Hubs did a great thing when he decided to set up a guy to come and mow the grass during this deployment.

It was more of a lesson learned, I suppose, because I did tell him that the boys and I could take care of it, but I think after his last one year tour and coming home to a dead lawn, he decided it best to have someone else come in and get the job done.

Now I did offer to do it, to save some money.  All while twirling my hair and asking where the gas would go in that weed thingy and how exactly do you turn on a push mower.  LOL!


Okay, so it's back to spring.  Actually, today it feels more like summer.  The humidity has kicked in and I was about to pass out by just standing outside to tell the lawn guy what I wanted done.  So, yeah, me... mowing the grass.... not a good idea.

This morning we had games for Cam and Miss Missy.  Miss Missy's team was first, thank goodness, because this little lady is like her mommy. So not for the heat, dirt and bugs.  The cheerleading thing is sure not to be her forte.

She simply oozes with excitement!  NOT!


So Cam is playing flag.  He doens't like it. I promise you they are not playing kids that are their age.  Thursdays team had kids that HAD to me 9 and 10 year olds rather than 7 and 8.  They were huge!  And fast!  And seasoned!  They looked like they had been playing for YEARS!  They had plays while our kids just went for the ball.   Needless to say, they kicked our BUTTS!

So today, the teams that played after us were for the next age group up.

And who do we see walking onto the field but the team we played on Thursday!  I KNEW I should have asked for birth certificates!

Today's team was much close to our size, but still kicked our butts!  LOL!

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