Friday, May 14, 2010

Future Pole Dancers of America! WOW!

Okay, so on the news this morning my 5 year hears Beyonce's song come on and hears the reporter say that 7 year olds are dancing and sees THIS:

And she say "SEVEN?!?!"

"Mama, those girls mamas are CRAZY!  They shouldn't be wearing that stuff!"

Summed up by a 5 year old!



Mommy Glow said...

I briefly saw some of this video yesterday and wasn't pleased. Then while watching the news last night they featured the story and the controversy it's caused. They had on 2 of the parents and the owner of the studio in which the girls practice at. The parents were outraged that people who consider their children's dances provocative and sexual and swear that they are simply dance moves. The owner also saw nothing with the moves and said that they are being taught all across the country at dance studios. It disappointing to see and watch, but I can't honestly say I'm surprised.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

That's such a shame that the kids are being taught moves like that. I don't get why the parents are okay with it? I mean, in my day, my mom would've snatched me out of a dance class doing that.

Shayla said...

I cant they make those costumes in those sizes!!!! way too young for that

The girls are PHENOMENAL dancers, for 7 years old those Fuetes were 10 times better than girls I know who've danced for more than 7 years!!!!!

I would remove a handle-ful of the dance moves and put some clothes on, and then it would be fine.

But I agree..too young for what they did the way they did it

Shayla said...

I cant believe*
a handful*

Amber said...

I was shocked when I saw this - they are great dancers and had they been given a more appropriate dace and costume maybe that would be the story.