Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spring Fever!

I'm feeling extra good about myself these days. I told myself at the beginning of the year that 2010 is going to be MY YEAR!  I knew that I needed to make some changes and here we are in May and the one big change that I have made is becoming healthier.  More fit. I'm proud of myself just for sticking to working out.  It has not come easy or quick, but it is coming along.

I'm a little worried though.  My bras seem not to fit right anymore. I may be losing some of my boobage.

Not so Double Dish anymore.

 Not sure how to feel about that. I  like the idea that they feel a little less heavy, but I'd prefer not to lose too much of them as I continue to workout. My bras are not fitting as well around my back.  Good thing for me, not so good for my budget, as I have to buy more bras....

or sew...

but probably just by more bras.   LOL!

I don't think anyone knows how much I love the spring!  There is nothing like this time of year coming in and just being able to buy all these clothes in fabulous bright colors.  I love to have the kids in bright colors that stand out.  It's just amazing to go in the closet and pull out things other than browns and blacks and reds.  

And SHOES!  I love open toe shoes.  There was a time when I didn't. A time when I only wore tennis shoes.  Even to the pool, but now, I don't really care that I have sausage toes!  And I don't care that they are not manicured by the Korean's at Pimp My Nails on the corner.  I love to wear cute shoes!

I'm so different than I once was.  I'm so much more of a girl. I love jewelry and purses and shoes.  I was never like this before.  Don't know that Hubs likes it much for finanial sake, but I SURE LOOK CUTE!  LOL!  Have a fabulous Spring!

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Kristin said...

I loved this post! I need to get motivated to get healthier too. Maybe I'll just start in small steps and just try not to give up! I love the bright colors of spring too!