Saturday, May 29, 2010

joy... for the love of FRG.

Okay, it just so happens to be what feels like the hottest day in all of summer, but I'm sure that 85 degrees does not qualify as such down here in Georgia.  And guess what I have gone and gotten myself into.  I'll be bagging groceries at the Commissary this afternoon.  Yeah, me.  Bagging peoples groceries and hauling them out to folks cars... for tips.  joy.

As the Co-Leader of our FRG I couldn't very well say NO when the idea was thrown out there as a way to raise cash to put comfort items in the rooms of the single soldiers returning from Iraq with my husband in July.  I really REALLY wanted to NIX this fundraising idea in the BUTT (not bud) right away, because KAY doesn't do manual labor!  And Kay doesn't do SUN!  And because I just KNEW that I would end up being one of the MAIN ones expected to spend my Saturday out there bagging.  WHY?  Because no one in the brigade wants to volunteer to bag groceries for pennies in the hot sun!  Our FRG sucks, no participations what so ever.  And as the FRG Leader, I know this falls directly on me, but I have tried to get folks to come out, but they just don't wanna! About 2 months ago I gave up.  With 4 months left in the tour, I gave up on my FRG.  Yeah, I'm pitiful.

So here I am, off to bag groceries... in the sun...


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Kristin said...

OH my! Hope you don't melt away!!! :D Good luck!