Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm asking...

I took the kids to church yesterday.  It had been a while. I actually hadn't been to church in... well, since Easter.  I have been doing a lot a running on the weekends and during the week and many times I just chose to use Sunday as a "day off" where I could sleep in and do a little resting because every other day in the week had me up and running around.

Poor excuse for not going to church, I know, but that's how I rationalized it.

So yesterday, I needed to go.  It wasn't a want.  It was something I needed.  Something my soul craved.

I have been doing a lot of praying lately because things in my life aren't where I want them to be.  I have been praying for direction, answers and signs of what I should do and which roads I should take.

Okay, so I'm not the most Christian person, but I do know who to thank when things are good and who to turn to for answers.

So I have asked God for guidance.  Now, I have also asked for CLEAR, CONCISE signs, because, seriously, I can be blind to them.  If they are round about or small signs, I might miss them completely. Right over my head.  And does anyone no how many times God will give you answers if you're not catching them??  Just a question.

So here I am wondering if he is giving me signs and I am just blind to them because I they are not the ones that I want to hear, or if the answers have just not come yet.  Because I know that the answers to your prayers may not come when you want them to, but they will be there right on time.


So today is Memorial Day and I just wanted to make sure that I take out a moment to honor our Soldiers, past, present and fallen.  I have a Soldier in Iraq now and this day holds a new weight in my heart as I think about him being there is a combat zone with attacks and kidnaps and whatever else might be going on over there.  He has to be pretty brave to go over there and put himself in harms way to protect the freedom of America people that he doesn't even know.  Everyone doesn't have the balls for it, but he does.  And for that, he is my hero!

So don't forget to PRAY for SOLDIERS, POLICE OFFICERS AND FIREFIGHTER who give their lives for your freedom!



Kristin said...

I am so thankful that your hero, along with so many others past and present, are serving and have served to give us the freedom we have!!

As for signs from God, just keep praying, keep asking, keep seeking. It's all about the relationship....I promise you if you keep seeking, He will answer! You're absolutely right, His timing will be perfect. Just remember that as you seek Him, you will have an enemy right on your heels trying to counteract that, so just keep that in mind.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'm praying! I'm also thankful for the sacrifices that are made each and every day to secure our freedom. (I know it sounds cliche' but I mean it.)

Good for you for going to church and recognizing that you were crying out for it.