Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Ft. Huachuca Wildfire

There's something to said about watching approximately 2400 acres go up in flames right in front of you. I could not believe the rush of adrenaline I had from the fear of seeing a fire start right before my eyes today.  With the Monument Fire only about 10 to 12 miles from the post, it was all I could do to keep from passing out when I saw smoke in front of the mountains closest to us instead of climbing to the peak of the ridge behind it.  

I started throwing everything I didn't want to live without in boxes and suit cases around mid afternoon today.  I'd already packed important documents, like birth certificates and tax papers, and pictures and memorable things that you just can't get back.

The clothes, well I figured I had time.  

Who woulda thunk another fire would start out of nowhere right here on base!

They put the fire out, but not before scaring me and the rest of the post half to death.  My subdivision was the closest to the fire.  

Like I said, I. watched. it. start!  

We would have been the first to go.  I glued myself to Facebook and watched the thousands of comments and updates on the fire on the Fort Huachuca page.  Thank goodness for Facebook.  It helped me to keep a level head knowing that someone was monitoring the fire's progress and keeping the families of updated.

Once the adrenaline came down, I felt like I could pass out from exhaustion!

So now, we've decided not to unpack the boxes as of yet.  The Antelope Fire, as it was named, is 100% contained and is of no threat.  In a way, it may have been a blessing in disguise as it put a barrier between us and the Monument fire by charring all of the grasslands in between us and the fire.

I've had dreams about the fire coming on base for the last few nights and haven't been able to sleep well.  I'm sure tonight will be no different.  The kids, however, seem to be taking it with a grain of salt.  They say they don't want to evacuate, but to them, they fires is more of a spectator's sport as they sit on the fence and watch it with their friends.  All they need is a bowl of popcorn!

Last night, they asked that the tenants of few other subdivisions here on base start preparing for pre-evacuation by turning on their sprinkle systems and clearing debris from their gutters.  Those areas are surrounded by more mountain than we are though, although we are actually closed to the fire.

As of now, we are okay.  This is so new to me, as I have never had to deal with wildfires.  I'm thinking I'll take the humidity of the east coast over these terrifying fires ANYDAY!

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