Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hair Horror!

I went scissor happy a few days ago.  I have been going crazy with my hair breaking like crazy, coming out from the roots.  So, I took the scissors and chopped off about an inch in the back.

I just heard every hairdresser GASP in horror!

Didn't really make sense now that it's done.  Cutting hair because it's falling out probably wasn't the answer.

It's the shortest its ever been.  Doesn't even touch my shoulders.  But it has been very unhealthy and I just want to get it back to growing and looking healthy.

I found a blog a little while ago with a lot of tips for black hair.  I was so intrigued by these tips that I went to Sally's today to buy some of the products she uses.

I haven't exactly been taking very good care of my hair.  Miss Missy's either.  Apparently, the key to black hair growth if moisture.  I haven't done well in keeping my hair moisturized and I thing Miss Missy's is just as dry.  And since we've been in Arizona, OMG the dry scalp is crazy!

So, here begins my journey to getting my hair healthy and growing again.  I haven't relaxed my hair since January.  Not sure if that's good or bad because I am now between nature and relaxed, but without the Georgia humidity, I haven't had a reason to relax.

Of course, Miss Missy is nature.  Her hair is thinning and shorter as well.  There is so much to do from this point as I am gonna to start washing her hair more than once as month, as I had been doing.


So, Join me on my journey to regrow our hair and make it healthy again!

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Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

When I lived in the desert, I found that my hair broke from the dryness AND my scalp stayed dry. I would suggest conditioning your hair twice when it's washed. My daughter has made me a hair product with shea butter and rosemary and all sorts of great stuff in it. It has been a blessing for my scalp.

When you're dealing with half natural and half permed, it's harder to work with and stop from breaking. Hang in there and as my daughter would say, "Don't cut your hair!!!!"