Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monsoons AND Fires? Oh, Arizona!

Late Morning today.

Must be the weather.

You know how I always say that the sun here in Arizona seems to come up way too early?


The rains have finally arrived.

The day is cloudy, and other than hubs who had to be at PT at 5:30, everyone slept in until 10.  Is that amazing or what?  Well, it was amazing for me.  I haven't been able to do that since we got to this extremely bright state.

Now, while I'm excited to see some rain because of the fires, I'm sure I'll be back complaining real soon about how horrible the rain is and how I can't wait for them to go away.

But for now, Thank Goodness for the rain!

Okay, yesterday, the rain bought in some thunderstorms.  The lightening started yet another fire here on post behind the mountains behind really close to our house.

UGH!  Can't win for losing around these parts!

The Monument Fire was 90% Contained as of yesterday.  And if the rain got to the mountains, we may finally be done with it.  YAY!

This fire was put out in a hurry.  Saw lightening then heard sirens, went out to see what the commotion was only to see dark smoke coming over the mountains!  I really couldn't believe the fact that I was just panicked to no end about the HUGE Monument Fire and her goes another.

The planes were ON IT though!  Over our heads flew in the slurry plane. For those who have no idea what that is, like me, it's the stuff they drop on fires to get them under control.  They were up and fighting that fire.  I commend the firefighters for the great job they have done here.  I also see that a firefighter will never be bore in this state!  If you need a job, become an Arizona Firefighter!


Also, my classes are DONE for this semester!

Can you believe that I have completed my first year?

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