Monday, August 29, 2011

Do you curse around your parents?

There's something to be said about respect for your parents.

Growing up, there was no way my brother and I would raise our voices and disrespect our parents.  


My sister was another story, but hey, she was the baby and got away with a lot more than we ever did.

When it came to our household, respect was something that all adults got, no matter what.  You spoke when you were spoken to.  You answered yes or no.  You didn't get to have an opinion.

We were raised in the "Kids should be seen, not heard" fashion.

Talking back?  Nuh-uh!

And profanity of any kind would have gotten me smacked in my mouth.  I know this not by experience because I was never brave enough to try it.

As an adult, not much as changed.  I still will in NO WAY use profanity of any kind around my mom or dad.  Not even over the phone where it is impossible to be smacked.  I never lost that kind of respect for them because I believe it is a well deserved respect.

My momma has a friend who argues and curses with her children on a regular basis.  She once told my mom, "Oh come on. Lorie. Don't act like your children have never cursed in front of you before."

My momma confidently answered, "NEVER!"  We knew better.  Even as a grown behind woman, I couldn't see myself using profanity around my parents.  I get called out if I use a four letter word on my blog, so I can only imagine what my mom might say if something slipped out of my mouth!

Do you ever curse around your parents?


StacieinAtlanta said...

I rarely do. I feel all weird if I do. Like I should go wash my own mouth out with soap.

Kat @ said...

Honestly, yeah, I have. But my mom and I have been through a LOT together and she's one of my best friends so we talk about literally everything that goes on in my life. I don't curse around her just like in routine conversation (but then again I don't curse generally in routine conversation with anybody) but if I'm really upset about something, then one might slip in the heat of the moment as I'm venting to her or something. I think that's an excusable crime of passion lol She doesn't have a stroke about it. But as far as just cursing just as a part of normal speech? Nu uh.

Marvelous Mommy said...

LOL I'm with Stacie... if I do it seems weird!