Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting back into a routine.

School started here on Wednesday. 


The kids all LOVE their teachers and classes.  I'm so happy to hear that.  When I when I picked them up I asked each one of them how their day was and the responses I got were,




This could be a great year.


On the second day of school, Kid 1 wanted to ride his bike to school.  Of course, he's in middle school now and always the most athletic, so a mile ride on his bike was no problem for him.  Even with his bummed foot.  Did I mention he kicked a ROCK?  

I mean, if my mom wanted to take me to school every day, I woulda been first in the car!  But QUE SERA!

So, on the second day, I let him ride with his friend.  RELUCTANTLY because his foot has still been bothering him.  

Well, we're in Monsoon season here.  Anyone ever lived in AZ?

Well, monsoon season here means short scattered thunderstorms.  Unually no big deal.  You can look off in the distance and see it raining at say, Walmart, but barely get a drop a mile away.

Well, I picked Miss Missy up from school because it started to sprinkle right when I went outside to walk across the street to pick her up.  I had to drive.  She's a girl!  No way could we have her walking home in the rain and getting her hair wet!  By the time I reached the school, (I can see it from my front door, by the way) the rain had stopped.  

Cam had ridden his bike to school as well so I didn't bother to pick him up because there was no rain.  He came in and all was fine.  

But MOMENTS after he finished greeting me, THE SKY OPENED UP!  I mean THUNDER, TONS OF LIGHTNING STRIKES!  The WORKS!


I made a beeline to the car and rode along the trail that I knew he would have ridden to get home.  There were poor kids walking, drenched from head to toe, running in TONS of water, jumping over puddles and desperately trying to make in home.  All kids within a mile are required to walk home.  

When I made it to the school he was nowhere to be found!

Back home I flew, as fast as the 15 miles per hour school zones would allow me to go.

When I pulled into the driveway, his friend's mom was pulling into the driveway as well.  She'd beat me to them, thankfully!

But that wasn't the end of it.  As we pulled his bike out of the jeep, of course it didn't come out easily and she and I ended up SOKED from head to toe.

Now, my neighbor's kid and grandmother was waiting at my house as well.  The poor 3rd grader was in tears... literally terrified. 

They were inside the house and when the lightning struck, it set off the alarms in the house!  The carbon-dioxide alarm and the smoke detectors.  Again I went out into the pouring raining, unsuccessfully dodging the river of water flowing down the street, to go to see what the problem was in their house.  The boy was terrified and the grandmother NO SPEAKA EEENGLEESH!  Sure enough, the the sirens were blaring so loud I couldn't concentrate and there was no way to turn them off.  The boy said he'd seen lightning hit the backyard, but who knows where a kids imagination could take him during a lightning storm.

So they waited out the storm at our house, waiting for his mom to come home to the rescue.


Saturday Morning.  I would have preferred to stay in the bed and SLEEP.  But I'm on a mission to a healthier me.  So I got up and Hubs and I went for a walk/run.  Well on the way back I think I may have pushed my already sore legs to the limit as we sprinted a short distance.  I'm limping and I'm taking the day off from my walk.  

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