Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who am I? Putting it in Writing.

I am Kay.

I am a woman,
A mother,
A wife,
A student,
A stay at home mom,
A volunteer,
A path seeker,
A dreamer,
A writer,
A blogger,
A lover of photography,
A social media nut,
A non-domestic goddess,
An optimist,
A scatterbrain,
A smiler,
I am an American,
An African American,
I am of Indian decent, 

A Democrat,
A non-denominational Christian (in the works)
An Army Brat,
A traveler,
A Georgia Peach at heart,
A current Arizonian,
An Army Wife,
A Daughter,
A Sister,
A Grand Daughter,
A Niece,
An Aunt,
A Cousin,
A Friend,

I am a protector,
A provider,
A cook,
A chauffeur,
A cheerleader,
A nurse,
A counselor,
A shoulder,
A supporter,
A drill sergeant,
A mediator,
A referee,
A homework checker,
A teammate,
A coach,
A bike mechanic,
A toy fixer,
A beautician,
A nail technician,
A designer,
A battery replacer,

But I am not a maid. 

I am dog walker,
A dog washer,
An aspiring runner,
A workout partner,
A lunch buddy,
A a person to talk to,

I am Kay

Take a moment to write down who you are.  A person has many co-cultures and this is a great way to see who you are and what you do.  You are not JUST A MOM or JUST A STUDENT.  YOUR Job doesn't define you.  Write it down.  See how quickly your list grows!


fabdogooder said...

LOVE this! I need to create the same thing.

Barbara said...

I absolutely love this! We are definitely many selves :)