Friday, August 26, 2011

A new dentist for the kids.

The kids had their first visit to the dentist since we've been in Sierra Vista.

I wasn't crazy about taking them to the dentist because in my mind NO DENTIST could ever live up to their dentist in Augusta.  The pediatric dentist we've been going to from the beginning was absolutely great for kids!  It was decorated with an Arctic Wonderland theme and had toys and video games.  The hygienists did a great job and were all sweet and patient.  The dentist would come to take a look in the kids' mouths once the hygienists finished the cleaning.  He had a perfect set a teeth himself and a great smile.  Very easy on the eyes too!  LOL!  Dr. Lee Baker's  Pediatric dentistry certainly holds a place in our family's hearts!

So going to the dentist here wasn't something I was looking forward to.  However, the experience was not all that bad.  We went to Cochise Children's Dental Center.  The waiting room is set up to entertain young children with table trains and wood puzzles on the walls.  For the most part, my kids didn't take interest. 

What I didn't like was that they did one kid at a time. The dentist was the one who did the cleaning and the assistants were just there to set up and hand him the instruments.  That meant that each child was done one at a time and the visit took almost 2 hours, being that it was our first visit.

I guess I can't expect everyone to live up to the standards of our old dentist, but other than the time it took to do 3 kids, this was a great dentist.  At least there were no tears and no cavities!


Alligator Dental said...

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children be taken to see a pediatric dentist at least six months after they get their first tooth. It may seem strange to think about taking a child who is under one into a dentist's office' but doing so will help make sure his/her teeth stay healthy and get him/her used to visits that will become a regular part of his life.

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Joel Jackson said...

Your old dentist sounds pretty rad. Well, for kids, it's best to take them to a pediatric dentist. They're better suited in dealing with children, plus their offices are quite fun to be in, it helps prevent nervousness from kids.

Marlena said...

No tears and no cavities? That sounds great for their first visit to their new dentist. Your kids surely enjoyed the visit, and they will look forward to seeing more because of the good impression they got on their first visit.

[Marlena Tillens]

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